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What's fun about Wakfu?

By April 24, 2012, 21:56:04
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I think, put simply, wakfu is a really great game. Every class is new and entertaining. The monsters (unlike other games) don't all look alike. And it is a really fun game. biggrin Every game has its worst and best moments. I think that people need to know that this is a good game. Yes, there are bugs and errors. BUT this happens to every game. smile So try to explore and have fun on wakfu.

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I feel like I should mention this

the players who have positive remarks about wakfu saying its fun, and for the most part have a lack of negativity in their posts are all new. I'm not saying they don't know what they are talking about, but I'm saying that the people who feel like this game is great, and the dev team is doing great, are all relatively new to the game.

If you look back half the players that were on when i first started getting back into wakfu this summer, are no longer on this forum or in game. You won't see some of the more consistent posters that use to be here still posting, they have either got tired of arguing with the newer players or have just upped and left.

I think this is a testament to how tedious this game can be, the newer players, view this game as good and interesting with all its monsters. However, the older players that have posted here, who have been playing with these monsters for well I think its been over a yr now are feeling that this game is sandbox ish.

Wakfu is fun, but I personally think this game is ironically held back by its unique features. The lack of balancing ability by the devs can give my interest in their game several smacks to the face, however it is still there. The islands/lands that some consider interesting now, will become less interesting as they grow 6 or more months old to you.

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Very intelligent post.


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I guess from my perspective, Wakfu is sort of a relaxing game.Sure, there's not THAT much to do, and what there is to do is a repetitive grind. It's a little easier to digest, though, than a lot of other MMOs, which require gigantic time-sinks, meeting up at specific raid times, etc. Just like any MMO, there's an inherent grind for professions, gear, levels, etc. Granted, this game needs to work on it a bit, to reward players who don't want to sit and grind wild gobballs for 5-10 hours a day.

Nevertheless, this is a cheap, easy alternative to a lot of other MMOs, that my entire group of friends are playing on the side with other games. My one friend and I love to theory-craft, and find the amount of options in this game (even if some are certainly cookie-cutter) are really fun to toy around with. We love to roll alts, and try out new builds and ideas, duel each other, etc. It's definitely sandbox-esque, and while limited in content, it is what you make of it. If you're going to rush a single character up to 100 via the most efficient current way possible, of course you'll end up bored. With the PVP balance the way it is, and how fast the fights end, on top of the lack of political drama, and length/repetitiveness of dungeon content, there's not much waiting for you at the end currently. So why rush there?

Explore the game more casually, and you'll have more fun. That's just my two cents.

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b-baller|2012-04-26 03:41:21
I feel like I should mention this

the players who have positive remarks about wakfu saying its fun, and for the most part have a lack of negativity in their posts are all new. I'm not saying they don't know what they are talking about, but I'm saying that the people who feel like this game is great, and the dev team is doing great, are all relatively new to the game.

If you look back half the players that were on when i first started getting back into wakfu this summer, are no longer on this forum or in game. You won't see some of the more consistent posters that use to be here still posting, they have either got tired of arguing with the newer players or have just upped and left.

I'm still playing going on 4-5 Years now xD, but you are right in saying that its features make it difficult to balance. It's hard because what can you really compare this game too besides dofus? FF tactics? It really doesn't apply so its hard to make a game NOT a complete copy of dofus while making it balanced.
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markusan78|2012-04-25 13:59:51
As for fun, I love the fact that no items are bind on pickup. You can buy virtually any item from another player. More games should have this feature.

Also there is no item decay so after ~2 weeks after a patch you will see new end-game gear being sold fairly cheap because the market gets saturated quickly. This basically removes the need to do any conent yourself. You might be able to get the absolutely best equipment in the game by harvesting metal, forging coins and then buying everything off from other players. This is partly good in itself but it also kills the crafting market completely. There should simply be permanent item decay...

These two things are perhaps a bigger part of why the overall Wakfu economy (and the game, as it stands) is (in all likelihood) gradually heading towards failure (and I sincerely don't want this game to fail). I doubt that implementing the bind-on-pickup or bind-on-equip, along with item durability would solve everything, but without some kind of way to stimulate and safeguard the demand for items that doesn't rely on the pipe dream of a high influx of new subscribers, many high level and low level items are on the verge of being worth 1k[ama, not 1000 kamas], if they haven't already hit that low point.

To my knowledge (and I apologize if I'm mistaken), the developers answered this by adjusting the drop rates of things, which is insultingly lazy to me, and I'm glad I never got into professions, as I sympathize for those who have and opine it to be the essentially useless pile of derp that it is. My expectations for this game weren't even all that high, but for something that totes itself as a sand-box type game, there really isn't all that much we can control. For what we can, like the ecosystem, it's pretty inconsistent and several areas full of monsters operate completely outside of it.

Currently, the saving grace of Wakfu is the in-game community. Unfortunately, the F2P'ers will never know about it. It's bad enough that they can't play with subscribers or half of the unsubscribed playerbase, but, unless they jump the gun and gamble on the possibility that opening themselves up to the entirety of this game is worthwhile, they'll be stuck in what I deem to be the "F2P hell". If they're lucky to have befriended some Wakfu players along the way, then the prospect of continued play with them, or perhaps the remaining subscriber base, is the only foreseeable gain from paying for this game. I don't think Wakfu can survive on the merits of its own game mechanics, because, for a tactical turn-based MOG, the only tactical aspects about this game are maximizing initiative (in order to go first) and damage output. For now, nothing else really matters, and I hope something is done to change that (hopefully in the near future).

In my opinion, it takes a poorly executed game to have as largely civil a player-base as Wakfu's. This is because our expectations have sunken so low that we're content just to have a modicum of progress (to more or less undo the damage caused by bug exploits and the like) and the more outspoken among us have left to pursue other vehicles of interactive escapism, simply because we don't really have a voice, here. We've given up on this game because it seems like the developers have, as well. It's a testament to the litmus test that World of Warcraft often is, where people often bemoan the general stupidity of its community, but just as much praise the game for the lasting amount of fun and depth it tends to provide, regardless of that particular criticism.

Wakfu, in all of its glory, has one location (wild/aggressive gobballs in the Wild Prairie -- an area that, for whatever reason, was implemented four times, one in EVERY NATION, as another insultingly lazy facet of this game) that can literally get someone from level 1 to 100, with enough determination. More than anything, that one aspect of the game just ruins it, for me. Despite how repetitive grinding naturally is, there is no valid excuse for such an extent of simplification. All of the variety of this game is completely nullified when efficiency, as it usually does, takes precedence over exploration. I'm aware that there's no way a game's content can keep up with the rate of player consumption, but for what is offered in the current subscription content and cost (which was, in the grand scheme of things, not a whole lot of money lost), there are plenty of indie game developers that are far more deserving for their efforts.

Admittedly, this genre as an MMORPG is still very experimental, and I believe that Wakfu has enormous potential. The only thing keeping this game from its potential greatness is that the developers are, in my opinion, too risk-averse and complacent. It's either that or such a commercial endeavor was way more to take on than they could possibly handle, as was/is implied by the exceedingly generous time frame and game's resultantly meager evolution.

It's made worse by the fact that contributions (feedback and discussions) to mid-level and end-game balance are quite crippled by the need for a subscription, not that the vast majority of the players' levelheaded criticism even reaches the developers, due to the necessity for translation and the over-consideration of the bottom line (real-world profit). The only groundbreaking changes are ones that severely alter the classes' skillsets, and, frankly, I don't think I'm out of line to suggest that those kinds of things should have been more thoroughly ironed out, long before this game went pay to play. I might visit this game several months from now, and, if it's still financially afloat, I hope it's more palatable than the way it is, now.
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Bringer|2012-04-25 14:13:15
I dont know about item decay, it worked well in daoc because pretty much the best stuff was all crafted, so replacing your worn out items was not a matter of luck.

I think before we start talking about things like items wearing out we need to overhaul the production crafts
yay, someone who played daoc
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New|2012-04-25 12:23:02
TheSubrosianMan|2012-04-25 04:17:42
SE-Derek|2012-04-25 04:00:30
There are usual staples such as dungeons and PvP as others have stated, but we do in fact have a strong story component through the new Mt. Zinit island (which is continuously expanded upon) and other great features which can be found at

Nothing personal, but calling the 45 minutes of fetch quests that do nothing to advance any sort of story ending in a "Good job but you can't go any further!" a 'strong story component' is disingenuous at best.

Ever play Minecraft?
What was the quests in Minecraft?

Oh yeah, there were none.

Sandbox game, don't like it? Don't play.

As if you can compare planting a tree one of a few designated tree tiles to the complete freedom of a sandbox ie. minecraft.

The OP was asking what more he could do as a subscriber, the answer is nothing. It's literally just more of the same. (instead of 4 rooms fighting destiny mobs it's 4 rooms of gobballs).
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I like Wakfu mainly because I find the game play and the graphics relaxing.

I do not care about unbalanced classes, resets and bugs. I quit playing because I find social aspect of the game frustrating (no tools like in-game messaging, no guild storage, market orders etc, etc). Like other posters here, I cannot help but compare Wakfu to other games. If Wakfu is a sandbox, then there is just not much sand to play with.

To be fair, now that I quit Wakfu, I don't play anything at all. So it is not like I've found a better game than Wakfu. If you are a new player, give Wakfu a try.

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+1 on B-baller's post. Truer words never have been spoken.

I'm new to wakfu but I'm already growing tired with the lack of things to do.

Okay maybe not lack of things to do, the lack of things that I feel like are worth doing.

The PR reps here are great and all but they'll just promote the game because they're paid and can't do any real criticism. They'll go on about the game's numerous features but I'll say one thing about all of them: They lack depth.

It's easy to see how shallow the content is for all these features:
-the outlaw status is merely a status and a jailing system with no real reward/benefit to be an outlaw (not yet anyways)
-the guilds are FINALLY getting some expansion but they've merely been a grouping system for years
-combat is shallow as it's spam 2 skills to win (the current trend to combat this is to make them 1 target or cast per turn), there are only a small handful of monsters that have different attack phases and they're very difficult to find, late game combat throws strategy out the window
-the environment is shallow and there aren't permanent repercussions to what you do to the ecosystem
-the government practically has a very small amount of power and they're limited to clicking a couple laws, most laws are just left alone, they practically have no power either
-there's not enough motivation and reward to crafting; you can always just get whatever you want with enough kamas which take less time to get compared to leveling a profession
-the dungeons are very flat and boring
-i don't like customization for equips but a lot of people do and they're finally adding customization after years of development
-classes are still very heavily flawed despite the very many years they had to develop the game
-pvp is described as a heavy component in the game but it's way too imbalanced and there's no reward to pking besides meager cp increases/decreases and griefing satisfaction

There's a lot more that other people could come up with. I'd prefer not to keep going as I'm only going to qq about the game more.

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Wakfu is an MMORPG that was released early to meet a deadline. It's currently very unbalanced and still in beta quality after 5 years of development. The parent company is french and doesn't listen to and respect the userbase. All professions are absolutely the same. Wakfu emphasizes grind. You use one or two spells from each class and then you spam them until level 100. It encourages mindlessly using the same spells. Its draconian XP system discourages creativity and fast paced exploration.

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