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New server Issue

By Dstin June 11, 2011, 12:01:24

will there be a wipe on the new international server after beta
because i see some topic on wipe after beta on tiva server reply ASAP

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-sigh- Read other posts and youl understand.

There WILL be a wipe of the current server at SOME point in the beta process.

No it hasnt been announced
No it isnt up for discussion
No you cant change it

And no, you cant disagree. This is beta, not free play time.

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And whats the Issue then?
I think its not 100% sure if they really wipe it
And you cant change it anyway so why caring o.o

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you guys really talk a lot but thx anyway
i'am just asking dont take it seriously
and sorry if not reading others posts first
thx again

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Even if they haven't already said so...and I'm sure they have, Im 157% certain they will wipe. Bringing beta characters over to the live game is a terrible idea.

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