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By June 11, 2011, 01:18:43

So, Wakfu's kinda old now (I've known games enter beta, survive for a bit, then die in the time Wakfu has been in Beta), but as far as I can remember it's always had the Dodge/Lock (a.k.a Dodge/Tackle) system the way it is now. The same system that Dofus used to use.

Dofus changed to a new system (which wasn't exactly popular on release either). They cite 2 problems that apparently lead to this redesign:
1. It is random
2. It favors static gameplay

Couple of other turn-based strategy games similar to Dofus/Wakfu I know of don't use a system like it either (FFTA, XCom, Tactics Ogre, Advance Wars, Battle Isle, etc). The nearest thing I can think of is the attack of opportunity system from Dungeons and Dragons (moving around near enemies gives them a chance of a free attack against you), or "Overwatch" systems (unspent AP can be used to attack people in their turn if they move into your line-of-sight).

Arguable the current form of Hunter, or maybe K'mir, is close to those systems. Other -MP effects can have similar effects to. Obviously these are both active systems, you have to opt in on them by spending AP/etc.

The system's function
Basically the idea is, melee dudes get to pin down ranged guys, or stop an enemy from reaching squishy support characters, etc.

Obviously this plays into the balance of the game, you couldn't simply remove Dodge/Lock and let people walk unhindered, because then Cra would be free of their main weakness, as would most spells with a minimum range 2+. Of course you could still box in enemies on all 4 sides, but that's certainly a lot harder than 1 character with high Lock.

Just an Idea
Remove the Dodge/Tackle system. Make a system that automatically uses unspent MP as a means to reduce the MP of enemies moving around you.
Revamp the Dodge/Tackle system, so that it has a %chance to remove MP if an enemy moves around you.

Basically, rather than being locked or free, you're movement is restricted by degrees, so you can move, but can't run too far away.

or.... Something else laugh

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I think dodge/lock have one issue. 90% Chance is too low. There should be 95% Chance as max (most of the games have 5% "lucky shoot") 10% is waaay too much.

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The dodge chance should be logarithmically related to the difference between the tackle and dodge attribute so that a 0 difference results in 90% chance and with increasing difference in favor of dodge the chance approaches 100% and with increasing difference in favor of tackle the chance approaches 0%. With a tackle of 0 the chance should be 100% and with a dodge of 0 the chance should be 0%.

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The actual system is working pretty well, that thing of -MP sound just like some randomic stuff to me, if a guy just put in lock so give him the damn chance to block an action around him, the lock is already expensive enough for a 2 point stat ...

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