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Begginer's Quest mumbo-jumbo

By June 09, 2011, 18:30:25

I've been trying to complete this quest for days. I just can't seem to finish the last 3 tasks w/c are:

- to visit the village dungeon (where oh where is it located? On the map, there's no such thing as village dungeon or did i just miss it?)
- to defeat a royal piwi (what does it look like and where can it be found?)
- to show your passport to the border watchamacalit.. (i think I've achieved it but the star won't appear on the quest page)

Soooo, if anyone has any comments or suggestions, feel free to reply to this topic! Thank you!

P.S. follow-up random question... how do you change the avatar picture for the forums? ^^

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Hi, welcome to the forums.

What you are talking about... are achievements, but we get the meaning.

Village Dungeon: The dungeon itself isn't called village dungeon, it's just the dungeon located at/near the beginner zone, which in Bonta's case would be near Bonta ruins. (Don't know about Amakna, but I suspect it would be something similar.

Royal Piwi: It needs to be triggered by lighting all candles, which means you will need to get a Fire of Love, and I am not sure if it's still working. And it's quite possible that you won't get to fight the Royal piwi as others will probably attack it on sight.

Passport: Don't think we can do this.

Avatar: Account management -> Forums -> Wakfu.

Hope this helps.

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In Amakna the village dungeon is the gobbal dungeon.
As for the royal piwi, Aie is right, but im not sure if it works since sometimes he wont appear at all. I have tried a few times and he never appeared, maybe it has to be done during night, hard to know.
The passport, you "show it" by going through any of those gates with teleports that usually surround the newbie area of each nation. During closed beta you would need to right click on it and the "show passport" option would show, now its just the teleport to make it faster. If you have done it already but the star doesnt appears dont worry, sometimes some achievements bug and the star wont appear, but you will get the reward anyway. The game recognizes you did it, it just wont show the star.

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