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No Governor = Free CP

By olympus-rocks June 06, 2011, 06:03:31

Well so I am on Remington server and i was in the lumberjack area. And i was cutting trees and i noticed that the tree population was below the clan member wishes but i wasn't getting any -CP.
Then I started planting trees and like that I Became 106 CP from 6 CP in 2-3 hours.
I checked on the nations laws to check what was wrong and i noticed that because there was no governor there were no negative laws.
But the positive ones were still applicable.
I tried voting but there were NO CANDIDATES.
So I decided maybe if i could increase my CP to 1000 and collect 100 kamas maybe I could opt.

Not really a problem but just thought I should ask if this is a bug or is it supposed to be that way ( the laws thing).

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The laws were auto set at server start. And your right there is no negative ones, but thats just the same as if a governer had set them as such so its no more a benefit than a good governer. As far as candidates go, no on can enter until elections start in 6 days. There are many people with 1000cp and 100k waiting for elections just cant run until they begin

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There are no candidates because election didn't started. That's first thing.

Secondly go on, try get 1k CP. It isn't hard. Get 100 kamas. Start in election. (and think how many people want do it like you)

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