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How long?

By BIGG-e June 11, 2011, 21:19:13

Kinda blurted this out on another thread but decided to make this a topic.

How long do you think it should take to reach max level??

Now I know in dofus it took a long time but I think they should change it with this game. Making the roleplaying part fun and fast paced so that your not stuck grinding on the same stuff for weeks at a time. To me getting to the endgame should be the goal that is achievable for all types of players mostly the casual players like myself. I should not have to spend 5 hours everyday for 6 months to reach level cap. Thats insane. What Ankama should do is focus on the max level stuff such as bosses and huge dungeons that give great loot. Thats just my opinion and dont get me wrong roleplaying is fun but I really want to play this game for the PvP.

Also I think Ankama should take up Guild Wars leveling system its xp slope is very steady and low so that gaining levels becomes fun and fast paced. YOu could get things skills faster and really enjoy the game so much more.

And because it wouldn't be that hard to level you could make more than one character which to me is a big thing. I shouldnt have to chose one class for the rest of the game I mean cmon on now.

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heh, five hours every day for six months wouldn't reach you level 200.

Personally, I am not a fan of the type of games that can make your character in a month for the casual gamer. If it takes me half a year of casual gaming to max a character I think that is just in the area I'd find most enjoyable.

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