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Wakfu updating ?

By January 27, 2011, 00:17:27

Well, I was about to log on. I see the game is updating and its taking some time to do so huh For some reason, I can't switch over to the french fourms to check out the update info etc. I'm useing a bad connection at the moment, Its been 20mins but only at 12% <_< Anyone know what has been added ?

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List of Changes by the 0301 update:

New nation available
New families of monsters typical of the area: Prespic, Boar, Treechnids, Arachnees ...
Three new dungeons to explore

Bonta Relations / Amakna
In this update, the management of relations among nations is not yet in place. This is not part of the points for this release. As a result, nations Bonta and Amakna be considered as neutral towards each other.
On the territory of a neutral nation, you can not:
To attack a member of Clan
To defend a member of Clan
To participate in challenges
On the territory of a neutral nation, you are tolerated but not encouraged to mingle the affairs of countries. It is illegal:
Interact with the local ecosystem, whether for planting, harvesting, cutting a resource or a group of monsters attack
To attack a citizen of your nation
To attack a stranger
To attack an off-the-Law
Whenever you perform an illegal action on the territory of a neutral nation, you are considered Outside the law of this nation. Therefore, you can not:
Enter your Haven Bag
Log in knapsacks other
Use craft machines
Many points of gameplay, however, are awaiting development. This lack may result a number of bugs or anomalies (assault or other abuse). Thank you not to flood the media with requests of this type, see them only through the forum.
An article will explain the future operation of politics and international relations soon.

Some Phoenix were slightly displaced. If your character was linked to the phoenix, it will show the old address. You can consult your map cons to see where the phoenix is really. Relink your soul to phoenix to reappear in front of him properly.
To facilitate your testing, the cost of the boat to get to Maya Bay was down to 10 Kamas (the time of the beta only).

Adding the class completely revised Eniripsa
First pass on balancing and Iop Cra
Fixes some bugs graphical effects and animations
Cra> arrow piercing glance and can now activate the tags
It is now impossible to assign skill points in a spell that has not yet released.

The bonus range is now being applied correctly and displayed.
It is possible to travel during the positioning phase of a fight once you have clicked the "Ready".
Bounce spell is executed on all elements with Points, but can no longer trigger a tag multiple times.
Correction block of AI with tags Cra.
Various fixes on the observation of fighting in spectator mode.
We can no longer invite a player in his group while he is employed in combat.
The knapsacks are more visible in combat.
Bonuses clan members are properly applied to all ranks of citizenship.

It is impossible to attack an honest citizen level below 15 if it is a territory of its nation. If the player is instead considered "outlaw" (Points of Citizenship below -50), it can easily be attacked by his peers to be sent to prison.

Trades and Crafts Harvest
Craft new machines were distributed in the territories for more accessibility. Amakna Bonta and each have their specialties.
Overhaul and addition of recipes in all trades. Leather goods trades, Tailor and cabinetmaker for example, have been slightly revised to allow greater growth.
Corrections income impossible.

Ecosystem management is becoming more flexible: some resources can be imported from one area to another and even from one island to another.
Harmonization and reduction of time to grow resources.
Some ecosystems indicated "Too many monsters in the zone" at a plantation, while little monsters were visually present. This problem has been corrected.

Premiums for brawls obtained at the end of dungeon are now deployable in the knapsack. So you can prove your worth to the world by creating a museum dedicated to your glory!
Correction of a ghost that appeared in some knapsacks.
A warning has been added to indicate the potential loss of resources in moving a Havre-Gem Garden.
The charges laid by the governor with the Member of Clan are properly applied to sales in his area.

APS associated with certain challenges now disappear correctly.

Correction on the placement of interfaces when resizing the game window
All group members can now invite other players in their group through a new MRU (MRU = menu that appears when you right click on an interactive object).
A Hit Points bar is displayed above the combatants with the Ctrl key.
Fixed display of the icon "No line of sight".
The interface of weather can not be opened in areas without weather.
Fixed interfaces challenges when there is no reward for the winners.
Some corrections on the non-appearance of the interface tracking challenge.
The compass is more inconsistent positions when following a player of his group.
Fixed bug on the compass when a player left the group.
The icon of death in the interface group is correctly updated.
The objects are displayed per page of 10 in the interface contract.
Translation missing the search button has been added to the interface market.
The icon for the passport will be turned off more after its first use.
Close now closes its inventory management interface of the window if it was open.
Avatars clan members are now correctly updated on the world map.
The inset details the overview of the player characters is now typified by class to better distinguish them.
Various fixes to avoid the appearance of bubbles of dialogue events (including those of gélutin).
Correction on the color of the guild creation interface.

Music & Sound
The music and ambient sounds of Bonta not arrive until the next patch.

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Oh! smile Great! Thanks so much.

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How do you get to Bonta from Amakna?

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we are unsure atm Jim.
For now all I know is that you can create a new character and have him start in bonta, but that's it. There have been talks of a canon to get there but nothing is confirmed yet

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just a simple question which might just be off-topic a bit. if i registered for CB 2 months back in North America am i sure to enter the CB once it starts on 31st? cuz wen i tried to log in to wakfu today it says ur not in current beta test.

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We have confirmed that to go to Bonta from Amakna or vice versa, you must take the boat to Maya Bay (costs 10kamas) and then the OTHER boat to go to the nation you wish to visit.

We have confirmed that to go to Bonta from Amakna or vice versa, you must take the boat to Maya Bay (costs 10kamas) and then the OTHER boat to go to the nation you wish to visit.

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you're the second person i've seen to repeat like that...i wonder if it's a bug or if you're just tired xD

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LordNecroid|2011-01-27 08:10:37
We have confirmed that to go to Bonta from Amakna or vice versa, you must take the boat to Maya Bay (costs 10kamas) and then the OTHER boat to go to the nation you wish to visit.

We have confirmed that to go to Bonta from Amakna or vice versa, you must take the boat to Maya Bay (costs 10kamas) and then the OTHER boat to go to the nation you wish to visit.
 Sweeet smile Thanks,

If anyone does not know. To get to bonta. Go to incarnam then ask to be shot out to bonta smile (Just another way to get there)
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