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Too few players

By Zynat October 12, 2012, 17:27:01

I'm new to Wakfu but I've played Dofus a few years ago.

So far I've only seen a few players around which is disappointing. unsure

Does it depend on the time I'm playing? on the server? I'm currently playing on Remington, I tried to log in in Nox but I'm unable to do so (do I need a different account?).

In Dofus there was always lots of players everywhere, and I hate play alone :/
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Join any guyil with many players.Look for players on new island and bonta or amakna.
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So there are zones with high density of players? Like Dofus, or is the player base still too reduced?

Btw, have any nation fights happened with huge fights or something?
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The playerbase is pretty low at this point yeah.
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SistinaChan|2012-10-12 19:40:41
The playerbase is pretty low at this point yeah.
Sad but true.
I wish there was a "transfer acc" option so I could move to Nox :/
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Want to know why? Dofus has been around for years, i played like 5-6 years ago, Wakfu came out in febuary this year.

When Dofus was released there was a french server or 2 and 1 international one. In Wakfu we have split servers.

That is the issue right there my friend
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There are enough people to play with, just join some active guild. The problem is that its international server, if you play on the french one for example, then everyone plays more or less in the same time, on Remington we have people from all over the world, so everyone plays in a different time of the day, so it seems like theres even less people than there really is...
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+ some players have very poor english so u'r better off playing alone on 6 accounts like some ppl do >w> eherm. XD
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I have absolutely no problem with finding English speaking people.
And yeah, theres nothing more fun than playing MMORPG alone, lol tongue (sarcasm mode: off)
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Ryuujikyon|2012-10-12 22:59:15
+ some players have very poor english so u'r better off playing alone on 6 accounts like some ppl do >w> eherm. XD
This actually worsens the problem because when people want to join a group (e.g. Wild Gobballs), they often can't because a guy playing 3 characters finds it more efficient to play by just himself while that person who only has one character can't solo and therefore can't play if no one would accept them.

It's really often worse when you find yourself in a guild with a few active people and most of them resort to multi-accounting. *cough*
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I haven't played the game since near the end of it coming out of Beta. There were quite a few players then. Sounds like it has really dropped off a lot?

Worth starting a new account? As in are there enough players for it to be enjoyable? Or would I be better off starting on the French server as opposed to the international one?
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Well, theres a lot more people on french server obviously, but like I said, there are enough people to play with on Remigton (otherwise I wouldnt play). And I don't know if it's just me, but ive notice that theres more and more people playing lately...
There was a time when there was really just a few players, but it's getting better now I guess.
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I can tell you that i was surprised how many new players are there in asturb. It wasn't like that before so this has really improved for good. However those are f2p players only. If only they would decide to p2p then we would have awsome community. And as you can see empty nations it's because everybody are playing on islands away from nations. You can see player's haven bags in markets and players actually running from zaap to market's board to check out the items there. You might find players in Wild Gobbal place but low level maps are abandoned fast as leveling up is easy. However you might learn a lot by solo leveling. You might figure out tricks and new tactics with your class against opponents with different AI. This will improve your gameplay once you find players to play with. And then you might realise that your tricks can be improved with other players tricks! Meanwhile learn Trapper proffesion and keep leveling it while you level yoruself (plant monsters seeds after killing them) it will come in handy.

So... just play the game the best way you can and don't bother with the number of players. They are all hiding in high level maps.
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Erhemmm... a likely less players spawn during early morning...

And as Kikuihimonji said there are less players because of haven bags, quests, discoveries, parties, log offs and many more, at day and night and also monster mash many players come around in search of hunts... and other many things...
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Regardless of how many players there are on the server there is always english speaking people to play with its simple join the Wakfu Alliance click here for more detials.

This is not a new topic btw.

I will make my topic about this in the near future.
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