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why i cant get spell respecialization interface at level 105

By teddy-jahat October 04, 2012, 09:11:19

i read Click here
get fast leveling for get spell respecialization interface at level 105 cuz i wrong build, at least can fix the spell

i just wonder my char bug or bug from wakfu wakfu :unsure:
i hope maybe someone can answer my problem laugh
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1.You need max spell exp first.If you still get exp from fights-spell exp not max.
2.When you spell exp will be max,you see this:

3.Drag and drop spell FROM you want transfer exp TO all spells what you use in fight.

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Basically, even tho you are lvl.105, you didn't reach the maximum spell experience allowed yet. In other words, you can't reallocate spell experience until you reach the maximum spell exp. until your total spell exp reaches a certain cap.

Notice that if you haven't reached the spell exp. cap you can still receive spell experience once you reached lvl.105, all you need to do is to fight a couple more monsters to increase your total spell experience, that will unlock the spell exp reallocation feature.


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try again for leveling, thank for answertongue 

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