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Help Translate V .3!!

By IamIsaacqwerty - MEMBER - January 18, 2011, 06:32:36
Edit: Bear with me, I'm still getting the hang/figuring out how to format things on here.

Intro: (Why I made this thread)
I just downloaded beta and I am psyched! It all looks so new, its like discovering Wakfu all over again!

But, because so much has changed, it means I don't necessarily know what everything says anymore. The items are fairly well covered in translation, the spells are too (even if the description doesn't match up with the right spell in some cases).

Conversations are killing me! Especially since you have to take a verbal test to get the profession equipment now! I figured I would post what I have and encourage others to do the same to help some of the new players.

Please feel free to correct me or submit more/better translations! This is here to help everyone!

(I am somewhat already into the game, so forgive me if I skipped the very very beginning parts, I will go back at a later time and figure those out.)
I decided to make this thread right in the middle of my conversation with Geror Deuxpardeux, and it is a test, so it wont be completely in order.

How to read these:
I begin by statying who I am speaking with and what led me to the point I was at in the conversation.
I placed everything I'm not sure of in italics.
-Everything that is a reply is preceded by a "-" like this line.


(Catskill is the thing in the middle of Incarnem holding the directional flags)

-Chaibon, je veux descendre sur Amakna
Chaibon, I want to go down to Amakna

(Geror Deuxpartdeux is in the center of Amakna)
Geror Deuxpardeux

Aaaah, on est bien! Hé, salut bûbûche, alors on jalouse les bras d'un vrai forestier?
Aaaah, it is well! Eh, hello bûbûche! Jealous of the arms of a real forester?

-Mon flan m'a dit de venir vous voir avec le passeport que Chaibon vient de me donner...
My blank told me to come see you with the passport Chaibon just give me ...
-I'd like to find out more about your territory.
-J'aimerais apprendre le métier de forestier.
I want to leard the trade of forestry.
-Non merci monsieur, les miens sont à ma taille.
No thank you sir, mine [arms] are in my size.

(after selecting "I want to learn the trade of forestry")
- "I want to test my knowledge"
He gives you a test on your forestry knowledge (look in the book he gives you)

Question 1:
Commençons: un forestier c'est costaud mais on ne cure pas les oreilles d'un Craqueleur à mains nues. De quoi auras-tu besoin pour tes longues journées?
Let us begin: A forester is strong but does not cure the ears of a Crackler with their bare hands. What will you need for your long day?

-De coton-tige.                            A cotton swab.
-D'une hache.                              An axe.
-D'une bache.                              A tarp.
-D'une chevelure éclatante.       Brilliant hair.

Question 2:
Prendre c'est bien mais redonner ça permet de reprendre. Qu'est-ce que plante un forestier pour faire pousser des arbres?
To take is good, but to give back allows it to resume. What does a forester plant to grow trees?

-Des boutures.                                                             The cuttings.
-Du bois.                                                                      Some wood.
-Des planches.                                                             The planks.
-Rien, les arbres repoussent automatiquement.       Nothing, the trees regrow automatically.

Question 3:
Pas mal mais on fait aussi dans la finesse chez nous. À part couper du bois, que pourras tu faire d'autre devant un arbre?
Not bad, but it is also finesse with us, which will allow you to make another tree?

-Èlaguer des boutures.    Pruning the cuttings.
-Cueillir des fruits.            Picking fruit.
-Cueillir des baies.           Picking berries.
-Déposer un bronze.         Depositing a bronze

Question 4:
Très bien! une fois mon bois récolté que dois-je utiliser pour le transformer en planches?
Okay! Once my wood harvested what should I use to turn it into boards?

-Une scierie.            A swamill.
-Une plancheuse.    ? (I think its like a woodworking shop)
-Une enclume.         An anvil.
-Une raffineuse.      A refinery.

Question 5:
À quels artisans servent les planches fabriquées?
For which craftsmen are boards useful?

-Aux ébénistes.       The cabinet makers.
-Aux bijoutiers.       The jewellers.
-Aux planchistes.    Skateboarders.
-No one.

Question 6:
Une dernière pour la route. Peut-on planter les arbres n'importe où?
One more for the road. Can you plant trees anywhere?

-Bien sûr, même dans l'eau.                                  Of course, even in water.       
-Sur n'importe quel type d'herbe.                          On any type of grass.
-Dans un pot de bonne qualité.                             In good quality soil
-Non, uniquement sur certains sols spéciaux.      No, only in special soil.

Bravo, ma bûche! Prends cette première hache et va te forger un corps et une réputation de fer.
Bravo, my log! Take this first ax and go and build a reputation and a body of iron.

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Just to add, I've updated the wiki pages for Iop and Cra so that they now use fresh translations (based on the current French, and pre-existing Dofus translations) rather than the wtf-translation the game current has for English.

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