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Avatar change Screen, where is it?

By January 15, 2011, 02:35:35
ph34rI see that Ankama has joined the Dofus forum with the Dofus subscription page and you can now add your ign to be your avatar.  I thought ok, can i do this in Wakfu, but i can't even find the old page where you could alter your avatar.  Could someone please remind me how we do it here on this forum?
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that new thing is only for dofus atm

Click here

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Thanks GFG, for some reason your tag takes me right to that page i wanted.  but when i click on my name or manage your acct i get that my acct page not your link, except when i do it thru your tag.  they both read the same  Click here  go figure.
oh i see the diff now it is the last word forum and profile ok ok i get it smile

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