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By January 12, 2011, 15:24:45

i'll cut to the point (cuz i dont wanna kiss someone's ass for favors ^^) i have a friend who didnt make it in time to create his beta account,
i know that there has to be someone who has a spare account that we could use, so that we could play together (3 of us)
we only need one, and i dont really care if its a shared one, we only need one character slot, to be used till the beta version ends
anyone kind enough? thanks in advance, for whoever it would be ^^

email: email removed

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Sharing accounts with someone else (even if you "know them") risks scamming, as well as banning from Ankama.

In the same way posting your email is likely to get you similar issues since it risks you being hacked, or spammed.

So, no. It's only for 4 days anyway.

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