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By Asquiol January 09, 2011, 04:22:25

 I'd just like to post some of my  results before the next version  tongue
My (unofficial) end results:
Total kamas : 1,080,693
Top 3 levels classes :
1. 61 (water cra)  still havent worked out some of the kinks
2. 57 (air osa)  the best damage equips 228% air
3. 50 (water panda)  the most enjoyable to play +12% to critical hits
 See you all in-game smile

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Score : 49

Kamas: 40,000
Level: 66 (Water Cra)

could solo any dungeon and i loved him with all my heart... sad i have to start again!

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Score : 4296

I'll miss my characters, too.  I may wind up remaking my water Feca if the new spell system really does support 3-spell builds a little better than before, and if the equipment is similar.

No idea how many kamas I actually had, as I went on a shopping spree a while ago, just for kicks.  I think it was somewhere around 19-20 million, plus items, etc.  Level 80 Water Feca, Level 63 Earth Cra.  Maxed out every profession.

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Score : 370

Water aniripsa lvl 26 with full blue larva set.
Total Kamas: 48.5kk, not counting items
Highest profession: Trappeur level 64.
72% Wakfu, two gelutin gems, 32/144 challenges achieved. Grand Maitre Wakfu title earned.

I had a fun time smile

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Score : 4904


water xelor lvl 58
fire Sac lvl 81
fire Osa lvl 52
fire Eni lvl 37
+ the infinite chars that i create and delete xD

kamas: 400k (without equips)
professions half the way in almost all but got trapper at lvl 96

I will miss them all (especially the Sac and xelor sad )

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Score : 336

Weeks of enjoyment with my friend, hours of replanting/harvesting/crafting and months of waiting wink

Edit: and stalking forums every now and then o.o

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