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Need Information ^^

By January 08, 2011, 01:01:19

so i've just come back to wakfu, and surprisingly, just in time for v3 (so there was really no music huh? that explains it)
anyway, i know i've read this somewhere but i can't seem to find it now.
its regarding the spell system, i can see a lot of people reffering to their characters in a specific element, earth cra, air osa, etc.
but i was wondering, aren't all the spells available for use?
i mean even if i use air spells, i can still use fire, etc. i just need to use them over and over to unlock new spells for their element.
i dont really know the max level for a spell is, but correct me if i'm wrong,
if someone says air cra, it doesnt mean they cant use fire spells, it's just that they focused on air to make it their most powerful spell
in short,

   is it possible to use all spells for a class?
   double element viable? (air/fire, earth/air, etc)

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Yeah it is possible. Ones I played in Wakfu v2 Iop that used air and earth spells and he was nice tank. So hybrid classes are possible, in Wakfu v3 they will be much easier to play and create.

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It's typically to your advantage to specialize in a single element, which is why most people do just that.  For starters, it's difficult (but not impossible) to collect good equipment that gives you a bonus to damage for both/all of the elements you're using (for example, a hat that gives both +air damage and +fire damage, rather than just air or just fire).  Wakfu does have a lot of these types of items, thankfully, but they aren't always the best; usually you'll have to make some other sacrifice in terms of stats in order to wear really good gear for more than one element.

Secondly, you lose out a little on your "mastery".  As you level your spells you gain "mastery" in that element, represented by a percentage damage boost.  For example, my Feca uses only water spells, and at level 80 I think he has around +92% water mastery.  If you level two different elements, you wind up splitting that mastery between the two elements, and not necessarily equally.  This further weakens your spells.

Sometimes this weakeness is worth it, though, when you're dealing with spells from different elements that work really well together.  I have seen some Iop builds that use Intimidation (an air spell) to push opponents into range for either Charge or Rock Crash (both earth spells with an awkward range).  The loss in damage is partly made up for by the use of a spell like Charge or Rock Crash, which have excellent base damage, but are otherwise awkward to use.  It still isn't optimal, but some people (like me!) really like doing something different and making the best of it.

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I see, that was very helpful! ^^
Thank you guys!
I forgot all of these already from my long absence,
waiting for v3 so that i can start playing already ^^
I'd add you guys up but i'm afraid i won't level near as fast as you guys so...yeah... haha ^^

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