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Geography Wakfusienne (New Devblog)

By microundeas - MEMBER - December 30, 2010, 20:23:10

You've studied the new site Wakfu every angle? Still have questions about the construction and organization of the World of Twelve after Ogrest of Chaos?
The last article Zidrune reveals the latest geographical changes occurring in the World of Twelve and the reasons which led the team in this latest version.

As suggested by several indices for several months, there have been major changes to the construction of the World of Twelve. Cheeken confirmed by the forum following the update site, now developing the reasons that pushed us to take this part of the game

Let us put us first and start again in the context of the bases.
After the chaos of Ogrest, we know that the World of Twelve was submerged. The waters are so mounted that they have split the known world in many islands.

Previously, in Wakfu v2, you could discover a Amakna archipelago, consisting of 5 islands: the central island of the same name as the archipelago and its four outlying islands (Ohm Sevamor, Emelka and Mork), each having its own government.
But at the second attack Archipelago, many problems were raised by the team but also for yourself beta testers.

The similarity between the four outer islands was a hindrance to developing a strong national identity. The numbers are quite telling: 5 archipelagos originally planned 4 nations by archipelagoes, a total of 20 nations ... This choice for the player after passing Incarnam is not only huge, but tough enough to take only a few minutes or hours of play
How to differentiate real and deep 20 nations so that the player's choice may seem obvious to him?
If this choice seems impossible with 20 nations, the easiest way is to reduce drastically the number of nations available.

The other major issue raised was that of the visual similarity between the four outer islands. For Morkien, there is no real change of scenery to take a walk on Ohm (if not more important presence of fauna and flora). The specifics of each island did not outweigh the feeling of déjà vu.

Last of the major problems: lack of guidelines in the geographic progression of players. Incarnam we learn the basics of the game, great gameplay concepts. But once arrived in the village of his nation, we do not really know where to turn. Passing from one zone to another without realizing it really counts so that the new incarnation was quick to find level 10, surrounded by a horde of Abras which will return it to its portal Classroom branch of a sudden!

Thus we arrive at what makes the Geography of Wakfu v3.
One nation which was formerly known as Archipelago. Each nation is located on a large island that we can divide into two zones: the zone called "noob" and the forward area.
Summary of the contents of DOFUS Mag on the noob zone: the purpose of this zone is to accompany the first steps of the player in the "real world". Incarnam certainly has the major features of the game, but it would not go so far Incarnam having perfect control of the World of Twelve. Clan Members will be present to direct the player, give him his passport and his knapsack in an area where the assault off-the-law is not allowed.

Territories Amakna

Revealed first under the name of Brett, the new area where your adventure begins in v3 will actually Amakna Island. This will be the first of the three nations testable. Her specialty? Growing grains and good food which is reflected in the shimmering orange of their emblem.

Bonta & Brakmar

A small selection of concepts Arts islands Bonta and Brakmar, comprehensive video soon.
(my note: at inside Ankama 17 you can see a bit more)

In this nation will join two others and Brakmar Bonta, built in the same way (noob small area of advanced learning and wider territories) but with a clean environment and specific characteristics, both in the mood chart that the construction of the land or species of fauna and flora.

[b]Territories conquerable

Besides, we find other islands will be the heart of wars between nations. Maya Bay under the thumb of the Clan Member Keli Slevtar first conquest of the islands, has a unique ecosystem and climatic conditions very specific. Each territory of conquest will offer you a very special advantage, but you can live in peace?
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ph34rrolleyesrolleyes Ok now we are getting somewhere, finally a hint of whats to come.
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here Brakamar


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Seems nice. It's nice to finally have a devblog that'll (hopefully) keep up with us and keep us informed!

I kinda liked how it was before though, with the 4 different islands and Astrub in the middle. It allowed us to go and raid the other and just have fun messing with them. But at the same time I can see why it'd be annoying for the new player to choose which island to go with, and also how it's kind of redundant to have 4 nations that are all practically the same, except for possibly a different ecosystem and/or economy.

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if look at the bonta map and if you compare it to the map in-game right now you will notice that is missing a part (beach??)...
Interesting... actually if you look at the map it seems that something is missing....

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