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Dofus vs Wakfu

By SilentRevenge - MEMBER - December 07, 2010, 10:19:37

Hey everyone

I'm rather new to the whole wakfu scene, never realy thought I'd move away from Dofus, but it has just been getting boring for me. So I'm looking at at Wakfu and a few things come to mind that I have been curious about:

Multi-accounting - Is it as viable as it is in Dofus? Or is Wakfu more aimed at a solo-account player?

Variety in classes - I'm loving all the different build you can go with in the classes, does this mean the Dofus-style stereotyping of certain classes (class X is always needed for dungeons, class Y is considered useless in dungeons) will be lessened?

oh and a 3rd random thought that occurred to me:

The eco-system - I understand the whole idea behind hunting/farming things to extinction, but what about if/when bots start popping-up? Won't the balance be completely ruined?

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It's a little hard to answer some of these questions because the game stands to change significantly (and in mostly unknown ways) with the highly anticipated overhaul.  But I can answer in terms of what's currently out. ^__^

You can open multiple windows and log in multiple characters as usual, though be warned that the Wakfu client is pretty resource-heavy.  I definitely know a few people who play 2 or even 3 accounts, and this would probably be more common if it were easier to get accounts into the closed beta.  It's easy to group up, but there is no marriage or any other way to teleport easily to another character, so there may be more running around involved than you might expect in Dofus.

All characters gain bonus HP at every level, from 5 (for Enis) to 10 (for Sacriers), so they tend to be a little heartier.  Most classes have a healing spell of some kind, but Enis are still the kings, with certain Feca builds a not-too-distant second.  Sacriers make good tanks, but they are not necessarily the best; almost anyone can tank, at least for a while, now, and there are more teleportation and push spells which make dodge-locking difficult, possibly even impractical to specialize in.  Generally, you can get by with almost any combination of characters, but I'd say it always helps to have a GOOD Eni.  The biggest trouble you'll get with bad character combinations is a mixture of AoE and Melee attackers (getting in each other's way), and a mix of mobile characters and static characters, who have playing styles that require the opponent to stay still or move.  Otherwise, you're good to go.

Bots would definitely be a problem for the ecosystem if they don't replenish what they plant; however, you can harvest any plant in your havre sac (which is like a house you carry around) and this might be enough for bots to exploit.  What goes on in your havre sac stays in your havre sac (^____^), meaning it doesn't affect the ecosystem.  And anyway, a smart bot will not blow up the ecosystem too much, as they depend on it, too.  I still worry about the DUMB bots, though.

I hope that helps a little!  If you think of other questions, ask away!

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right not the kill bots are the worst right now in mork no one is replenishing the monsters and there almost all extinct which is on seeing i plant alot of monsters any way tongue

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