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By Aesclepius November 21, 2010, 13:59:26

Will anyone here make a rogue when wakfu is released?
If yes, what is your motivation.
if no, why the hell not?

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I'll try them out, i'm sure about that, but since we don't really know what they will be like and what skills they have. I can't guarantee i'll like to play with them. Besides... i'll have sadida by then :p so i might be addicted to use the rogue. Although i think i'd like the other class too, but that's like a complete mystery... all we know is that they use masks to switch in 'modes' like the pandawa does with beer.

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I heard the masquerade  class has three masks. Psycho mask, Defensive mask and a mask for fleeing (running away).
It would be one of the best tactics based classes of all of them would it not?
Any other class have a variety of three different combat styles? (spells would not count as a tactical move).

The only class able to switch into anothers weakness. But back to the roublard. I heard he will not be able to shine alone.
But needs a party to assist. Like eni's.

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sooooooooooo weird.....

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