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Are there two Wakfu's being devloped at the same time?

By November 09, 2010, 07:21:42
ph34r You have more than enough of the desert? Are you bored of curling? you to discover a new sport that will thrill you. Today and for one week, two teams will face each other, Boufballe in hand, to make you live the most amazing game of your life! With the series Wakfu Boufbowl of Hell breaks loose in a screen. Yugo and his companions arrived at Bonta where they intend to buy a boat to the island of Oma. But with the Kamas they have in stock, they have barely enough to afford a boat. For Ruel, there is a way to bail out: winning the final of the eighth division Boufbowl, sport emblem of the city of Bonta. One thing is certain: there will be a sport! Listen Read phonetically Dictionary - View detailed dictionary
This is what is going down on the French site of Wakfu.  What is going on here guys?
Wakfu Season 1: Episode 10 online! Posted on 11/08/2010
Oh i get it, this is something else.  Oh well see what happens when they try and block us.wub
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Isn't it just a repeat of that/those episode(s)?

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Yep, it's a repeat. While we're waiting for the next series, we get to re-watch our favourite Fellowship of the Tofu on!
Well, the ad said something like that, anyway...

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