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By WannaForkPowerGirl March 04, 2012, 20:27:21

I added my bro in a party but i couldn't see him and his avatar was "black like a shadow".
I think that we may need to go in the same channel but how can we change it?
Thank you.

P.S.: of course, we were close.

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Everyone in your party is a black shadow until you can actually see them on your screen, I think. That's how it works for me at least, so if your characters could see each other, then it's probably a bug. Try battling together?

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But we were close but he was "invisible" for me. I used the compass to rech him but i couldnt see him.
Btw, i'll try to battle together.

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As i've read in another thread, Incarnam uses "channels" due to high concentration of players. The problem doesn't appear after you leave the place.

You can also try relogging a few times. It has worked for me. However, as soon as you use one of the portals the problem might reappear.

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