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Health and armor bars

By Yenon#4023 - MEMBER - September 18, 2023, 16:29:49
Tried to give this suggestion to support, they sent me to Dofus forum (I have no idea why suggestion for Wakfu should be on Dofus forum), but there is no button to create new topic. Another support member sent me to Technical Discussions section on the Wakfu forum. I couldn't find "Technical Discussions" either, so chose closest one.

When health and armor bars appear, they hide character's face/head (see Face_Hide.png).

Female Wakfu characters have nice and beautiful appearance, like Huppermage (and other girls too), but when health and armor bars appear, they cover their faces and you stare at blue and green bars.

I explored options. There is an option to always display health bars in combat. That's bad.
There is an option to display them when necessary. A little better. When character is at full health and without armor, I can see their face/head just fine. But the moment when character gets armor or loses health, these bars appear again and cover face/head. That's bad.
There is an option to never display health bars. It's nice, I can see character's face no matter health and armor, but I can't see monsters' health. That's inconvenient.
Thus I suggest 4th option: never show character's health, armor bars, but show monsters' health, armor bars. I can track character's health and armor thanks to heart icon at the bottom of interface and it has various modes to display health.
So I think this option will allow to enjoy aesthetics (faces) of beautiful Wakfu characters and at the same keep track of monsters' health and armor.
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There is a new change that you can test right now in the Beta which should fix that issue. Now health bars adjust depending on the character's height to avoid covering the character's face. It should be implemented in the live server with the new update.

Also, you can try to set the option to "never display health bars in combat" and bind a key to display them when you press it. That way bars will only be visible while you hold down that key and will disappear when you release it.
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Oh, that's a nice update, thank you for telling me, can't wait when it will be released.

As for shortcut, in options showing health bars is set to CONTROL + H. I tried to turn off health bars and pressing Ctrl+h, but nothing happens.
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