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Golden Sturgeon: How to catch?

By Korrade#3227 - MEMBER - September 12, 2023, 13:12:06
I've been trying to catch the Golden sturgeon with no luck, 400 fish in and none. It says it must be caught in strange waters so I'm unsure if there's a specific location or if it means the golden sparkles. 

Am I doing something wrong?
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first thing first, different fish have different location. Sturgeon is only available at Tainela or Asturb Cemetery. Golden sturgeon is just a rare version of sturgeon, which you can catch when there is a shiny sparkle at the sturgeon fishing spot.
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In theory, they should spawn at a 10% base chance rate, easily recognized by the larger fishes swimming in the spot and shiny sparkles around. But I guess I recall having problems back then for getting shinies, for anchovies in my case.

Just make sure that nobody else is stealing them from you when they spawn there, and that you are not getting that annoying Chefish, which sometimes overrids the shiny sturgeon. I'll quick-check in-game for a while and see if I get some.

EDIT * Confirmed, there was one shiny spot, and got 2 Golden Sturgeons there. So, yes, they are appearing.
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Actually the fish in astrub have a 1% rare chance like the other resources, not 10% like the other fish
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Ok finally caught a Golden Sturgeon BUT GYAT rare fish SUCK to find. 

I'm now trying to get the cuddly bow meow fish, but I'm 600 fish in (including the +40s) and still haven't found one. 

I can't leave Astrub since they only spawn there. Ankama PLEASE change the spawn rate for rare fish, this IS INSANE
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I am not entirely sure, what the reasoning behind the low % for the appearance of lower lvl shiny fish is, but as Cody said, it gets better on higher lvl fish. What do you need the fish for? Aren't any available on the market?

I guess they expect that there will be more players fishing on lower lvls, so they want the low lvl shiny fish to have some value? Idk, it seems like a meaningless mechanic to me..
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