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New masteries

By Jerhot#4661 - MEMBER - August 25, 2023, 21:42:57
Hello everyone,

The new changes are removing aoe/st mastery from gear. Some items are going to have very similar stats now, and one can objectively be just better than the others. I hope that the next update will present new masteries (which of course won't limit the spells you can use like aoe/st did). The question is what masteries will that be!

I will try to brainstorm some ideas. Go ahead and present yours in the comments ^^ I am really curious what the devs themselves come up with

Oh and before someone writes indirect mastery, that one has basically the same problems as st/aoe master which is being removed. So try to think of masteries that you can use on any spell and trigger via positioning, health/armour, Ap/Mp etc. etc.
Let the ideas storm in here,


I will try to brainstorm some ideas.

One just came to mind, mastery that you lose after moving (maybe just walking: using mp to move a cell, would be better). Just like the sublimation scroll that gives you range and dd% before you move
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My favorite that the devs proposed through a survey was mid range mastery somewhere between 2 and 3 cells maybe 2-4
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I was thinking about this one, and it seems a little unfair. Since you could use mid+dist but not mid+melee masteries. I think that if you wanted this mastery to work, you would have to make melee 1-2cells away, and mid mastery 2-3 cells away so that you can use it together with either melee or distance. Either way, similar to dist/melee/aoe/st masteries, it quite restricts the number of spells you can utilise this mastery on. So I am not quite sure if it would have a good spot in the masteries, or if it should just stay in the sublimation scrolls smile
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Honestly, mastery that increases in efficiency per AP/MP/WP missing or stored, or per spell used, would be pretty fun. Should you prioritize heavier-cost attacks, lighter-cost attacks, or do you just want to use general mastery? Should you aim for a 13+ AP build, 11- AP build, or stick to the standard 12? Do you want to move and attack first, or attack first then move? Should you keep your WP topped off, or should you keep it as close to 0 as possible?

I feel like these would actually work on a variety of classes and builds, and work in further specializing those players who want to make hyper-specialized builds. And to balance them off, the fact that they're hyper-specialized will make it easier to shut down, in exchange with making them obviously stronger than less-specialized builds. Melee character that needs all his MP to do max damage? Throw him away and remove his MP,  now when he approaches he does baby poopy damage. Does he need AP to use more spells for max damage? Reducing AP against him will be even more effective than usual. Does he need to use up his WP to do more damage, like a berserk but for WP stored? Well now you know he spams WP, so throw a tank at him and lock him in place while you burst his supports.
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I don't like your idea for ap and wp mastery, since it might limit the spells you use, but the one using mp is very similar to my idea ^^ This ideology of counterplay to enemy mastery is really ingenious, and would be soo cool to play around. Imagine the pvp fights where you have to guess what mastery does the enemy have and you could even bluff your mastery by playing somehow. That would be epic :-D
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Alot of inspiration can be taken from the sublimation scrolls. All of the masteries currently mentioned are sublimations in the game ^^

Mastery for locking and dodging came to mind aswell, but locking might have to be a little stronger since you can't have it on the 1st round (or maybe deactivate it after you don't lock this round)

Also, lone wolf and pack mastery would be cool (de/activate when other players from your team in 3 cells around you)
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Rather than adding new one I personally rather if we can keep ST/AoE mastery in a reworked state. Because in my opinion they are a good and simple masteries that can affect all classes. For me the issue was not the ST/AoE mastery itself, but how they are implemented. The way it currently implemented feels very forcing and limiting.

Like on rune slot, If you want as much as mastery as possible as a distance class you got 8 distance mastery slot on belt and weapon plus 8 single target mastery slot from boots and helm. They just stack on top of each other seamlessly for good value. Which kind of force player to go dual mastery for the most value. To the same extent the issue goes with berserk mastery that can be easily stack on top of the two on cape and necklace slot. 

Gear weight and character page also post the same issue in that it force us to take it since it is just the best value. Like imagine ST and Aoe mastery only accounts ~10% of our total mastery, I think it won't feel as limiting.

As such before Ankama adjust how they implement these "cherry on top" mastery and improve the whole gearing experience in general. I rather to keep the the quirky bonuses as sublimation only, so they don't dilute gear pool and such.

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I see what you mean, but still, the problem with st/aoe mastery was, that it restricts you to use certain spells, similar to dist/melee, and these restrictions stacked together. For example berserk mastery is a different kind of restriction. It can work on all spells, but you have to make it work by the way you play. I think that these kinds of mastery types are better, since they allow you to use all spells, you just have to play into activating the masteries you chose to specialise into.
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