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Came back to Wakfu, felt like visiting an old and abandoned house

By Marfoo34#6267 - MEMBER - August 22, 2023, 20:32:19
Seriously, what happened to Wakfu?
I remember people talking to eachother in the chat,
I remember players searching for groups to start a dungeon,
I remember all the social aspects of the game, and I loved it.
Now? It's just a shell of it's former self:
there's nobody speaking,
nobody that wants to group up and grind monsters,

Only traders that charge hefty amount of kamas
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The thriving population took a devastating hit prior to a bunch of the "do whatever you want" mechanics were scaled back.  You can only block access to certain areas, randomly attack players for not paying to access certain areas (I.E. extortion fees under threat of getting attacked), attacking people for mining, hijacking politics and messing with the systems in areas and then calling those who voice concerns about it "carebears" and telling them to "git gud" so long before a massive player hemorrhage starts.  Eventually changes were made over time which led to Wakfu as it is now.

What happened to Wakfu, as much as it might be hard to accept, is the players were given too much agency and they bullied the casual players out.  Naturally that isn't to say that Wakfu was perfect by any means.  Players left for any number of reasons players would - balance changes messed their classes up, they got top level and gear and got bored, they moved on to other games, they simply forgot it exists, etc.  I remember the old days of Wakfu and how active it was.  I see how it is now and understand how it got here.  It's unfortunate but thems the breaks.  They're working hard on it though to bring it back.

It's also that they merged a number of community servers together to aid with the lower pops which now means you got a bunch of languages being spoken on those chats which doesn't help things.  

But the house is still standing, no?  Tidy it up.  Long as the bed's still good.
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It is still standing, but no point living in it when the fundaments creak
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Honestly, I feel like the game is way too harsh on solo players. Everything is just better once you subscribe and it is pretty much a must imo when playing wakfu: you get triple loot, triple exp on secondary characters, you can do stuff by yourself, reduced waiting time for content because you basically count as 3 players. If you multiaccount then you just beat the game, all those kama barriers and issues the game might have just disappear. That's the way Wakfu works right now and not everyone likes a game where you are kiiiinda required to pay to play to have a good experience, considering the game if F2P. I'm not saying you can't play without putting money in the game but it will save you a lot of time and energy.

The Steam Charts don't show a favourable outcome either, it clearly shows a decrease in players with some peaks in summer but it is mostly negative. So far as I'm concerned it only shows the data from players who play through Steam though, I don't know if the scenario is more favourable in the Launcher. Maybe the lack of players is what's motivating devs to make the game more accessible.

Putting all that aside, what made me become a casual player is that whenever I try to love the game, to put an all-nighter playing, to Subscribe or even just craft and have a good time.... I find a barrier after barrier of issues that collide and just don't allow you to have a fluid gameplay experience: RNG on Enchantment, the excessive grind, lack of players, the need for a full team of 6 for important content, that vast amount of content that ultimately spreads the community through a bunch of areas and levels... and the lack of a Dungeon Finder. Crazy to believe that a game that features over 100 dungeons lacks a Dungeon Finder.

Hope Wakfu improves and making it more accessible pays off because everybody know it is a good game, but it needs too many fixes.
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What I really miss is the fact you could walk around the town or the map, stumble upon somebody and do quests or just grind monsters together.
I just miss the social aspect of this game, I made a lot of friends back in the day by just trying to help or wanting to get help
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Well, as a returning player, who knew the good old times, I must admit, that now it's hard to speak to others. Mainly, because they don't respond.. And since it's about asturb zone, or early 30-40 lev areas, I think there is something wrong with people - in general. I offer my help, and before going into dungeon I ask if anyone needs help - no response. Even at my current guild only 3-4 players chat in guild chat. Maybe, as a society, we changed from being easy outgoing to more self-concentrated folks?

As for 3-man-team : it helps a lot if you cannot find anyone to play with. Still, if only more loot is considered, you can just simply use 2 sidekicks: asturb knight and current-free-trial one. Before buying booster I did that and it worked nicely.

Lastly, if anyone wanna chat, do some raids, quests, etc, PM me in game (Lord of Tofu). See Ya!
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doctorsnoofer#8495|2023-08-23 06:45:26
I think there is a dungeon finder?  press D

dungeon finder has been gone for a good while.

I don't think this issue is unique to Wakfu, many MMOs I've found have lost their 'social magic' where people just don't like to talk in public chats or just blank efforts to interact, not sure why but it is something ive noticed outside of Wakfu itself. 
but I guess to note there is a current language barrier thats making it somewhat awkward on Rubi. 
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The game at a foundational level is just not kind to solo players, it's why I worry that the mono server isn't going to work as well as people think unless it's made as a fork of the current game with entirely different systems including progression. 

You're almost forced into playing two accounts - not because of a lack of player base but because of how punishing the gear grind and content itself has become. Content becomes so difficult later in the game that inviting a random person to come along could sacrifice hours of your time simply because they may not know the mechanics involved with the fight. Not to mention if they drop the piece of gear or sublimation that you need. It's no wonder people feel forced to multibox, and I have to repeat - it has nothing to do with the player base being lacking. It's the game itself. 
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I think the playerbase also matters in this case, I do believe there is a lack of players DUE to the reasons you have mentioned. Steam Charts shows how bad the game is doing in the platform with negative numbers every month, there is a constant loss of players. It only shows data from players who play through Steam though. I don't know if it is the same case on the Launcher, but Steam is a big gaming platform so if the charts show a decrease there, then it is also a concern. To my knowledge Wakfu don't have multiple instances of the same area and it is very common to see a whole map desert.

Which is mostly due to the issues that you have stated, the difficulty at higher levels and how devs pretty much "force" you into using heroes or multiaccounting to play
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