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By Jerhot#4661 - MEMBER - August 15, 2023, 08:13:20
Hello everyone!

On my discord server, there are often talks about what we currently dislike ot what could be done better in wakfu. But there is just about 6 people talking, so I thought, are there any other big wakfu discord servers or any other international wakfu communities that we can discuss things with? I just wanted to check with other players if they are also not satisfied with any aspects of the game or developer philosophies or takes. I hope for a proper discussion, and I want to look for solutions. I am not looking to vent my frustrations, just to be clear biggrin


P.S. We are currently working on a spreadsheet of wakfu problems and solutions, and I hope we will be able to get more opinions and ideas into it from the outside of our discord channel bubble ^^
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the biggest comunity servers i know of are the
Wakfu MMO - Rubilax
Wakfu/Dofus Fans United

There also used to be an official discord server, but apparently modding it was too much work so they closed it
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Wakfu/Dofus fans united is probably the best one/least toxic.
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