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Selachii invasion location

By bruksinaa#2594 - MEMBER - August 15, 2023, 00:16:08
I've been wonderin where the selachii invasion happens (⌒▽⌒)☆ all of the other 51-65 invasions for the achievement are listed in the clan member info, but i can't seem to find this one (╥_╥)

ty in advance, if anyone knows!! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ
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I've checked a french wakfu discord and it used to spawn on poup island which is french for Calamar
It should likely be changed to reflect the newly added Pirate Invasion on Zinit Wild Beach
As the achievement for 51-65 invasions all use the other areas

Chafer Invasion is Wild Estates
Small-Scale Lycanthropy is Bitter-Hammer Cavern
Dark Hurl Treasure Hunt is Terrana Dunes
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selachii invasion
speak english please 
Where map ? 
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i don't think it exists anymore sad
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It might be replaced by the new invasions on Ereboria?
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 Bitter hammer has small scale lycanthropy, cursed and pirate beaches are 36-50 areas so it wouldn't make sense for the 51-65 achievement to be there (´-ω-`) it's not on the clan member's lists either (〒﹏〒) seems like it was overlooked during the calamari->ereboria change
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Level 51 to 65
Ereboria Bitter-Hammer Cavern (Small-Scale Lycanthropy)
Sufokia (Dark Hurl Treasure Hunt)
Wild Beach Silo ( Pirate Invasion )
Wild Estate (Chafer Invasion)
?????????? I can't find ( Selachii Invasion )
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Maybe the pirate beach in ereboria?
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