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By Jerhot#4661 - MEMBER - August 06, 2023, 22:27:43
Hi everyone,

Under my last thread we stumbled upon a topic that deserves its own thread and discussion, so I decided to open it up. The main gameplay (at least for us) in wakfu is a loop that goes like this:

1. Make a basic build on a specific lvl bracket
2. Run dungeons with it
3. Upgrade your gear and lvl up
4. Move to the next lvl bracket

The other activities ​​​are, in my opinion, very poorly explored.
There is politics, that you see only when the taxes are high. There is not much PvP and there is almost no meaning to it. The sidequests are very hidden and many achievments don't work. So yeah, on that note, I wanted to start a brainstorm to brew some ideas on the activities outside of the main gameplay loop. What would you want to see and do in the game? What other content deserves the most attention from the devs after they finish the new player experience update?

For inspiration, I would love to connect pvp with politics and give it more impact. The nation general could choose the province to conquer, which would spark the pvp event - the nation that currently owns the area would be defending. There would be bonuses for you in the areas your nation owns, higher droprate, or resource harvesting.
Or there could be new sidequests with the oldest basic costumes as rewards or something.

What is in your 'new content wishlist'. I can't wait to read other ideas!

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A bit of a random idea, but...

Something like a non-gambling multiplayer cards mini-game and alike. Remember those abandoned slot machines at the Trool Fair? Something in the same line of mini-games:
  • 1-on-1 or 4-on-4 card game with another players. Restricted so no same IP can compete in the same table.
  • Rewards of tokens very much a la PVP Merit Points for played and won matches.
  • Machine with purely aesthetic rewards and/or old/discontinued items (Radiactive spider items, cloudy set items, Wakfu Frost deco, transformation potions...). Now that the mimisymbics might get a face-washing, this might be very welcome.

So, nothing like "adventage for builds" rewards, just for the sake of casual player interaction with those leisure card games, aesthetic rewards, burning free time. Nothing that allows getting and/or selling Kamas for the sake of gambling.

And as we are on it, the Trool Fair might get a small revival too.
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I recently farmed all the stuff from trool fair for the achievments. It is a place that you usually just get to by accident, but it could definitely be used for a card game or something biggrin Plants Vs Zombies PvP? Or anything like straight up chess and playing cards. Merit system with some kind of gambling wings under your name would be so cool!
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a lot of player using bot for doin prof.. no action from devs too.. so bot is legal? 
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I guess it's just really hard to automatically identify and ban the bots, but I have no gamedeveloper experience.

Anyways, any new content you would like to see in the game except for new dungeons and items? smile
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Yeah the nations and government content is super outdated, but usually when they do a poll, people vote for more core content or reworks over side content such as government stuff.

I hope some side content wins a poll once all the classes get reworked.
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Oh, great to know. I thought that they are doing these things separately. The core content is currently in a good spot and will be even better after new player experience update, so maybe there's chance this will come after ^^
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Something that has been suggested many times is a Bulletin Board where players could post their requests. A feature like this would create an endless amount of quests since those requests would come from the own community. It would be a fun and interesting way to earn some quick kamas and give players something else to do, like bounty hunters and also ease the spam on the global channels. 

I think a Battle Pass would benefit the game a lot and it would be a nice way to motivate players to play more frecuently and give  them objectives to complete as they earn rewards. It is a fun and successful concept present in many  MMOs and one that I personally  enjoy a lot because it gives me something to do when I log-in, specially in those moments when I'm bored.

I feel like those 2 elements would really  increase the amount of active players and incentivate them  to log in more frecuently
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Oh wow, I love the bulletin board concept. What are all the things that you think could be requested in there. Farm items, help with dungeons or achievements..
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There's one more thing I'd like to see in the game, and that is more items that work as currencies. At the moment, there's only shards, that are heavily used on gearing. It could work similar to Path of Exile, but in wakfu, the items could work like a pocket enchantment table. Removing or adding a socket, changing colour of sockets etc. Maybe remove a sublimation without breaking it? There are many possibilites with this concept.
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Dreams from dofus would be insane in wakfu. Would provide a good gameplay loop if combined with ALS
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Could you explain what those are? I haven't played dofus in 10 years or so biggrin
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