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Relic question

By linaswaldo123#4065 - MEMBER - July 26, 2023, 14:03:00
is there a difference between buying a relic off the market and crafting it from fragments?
does crafting it from fragments give you the choise of the elements? (similar to crafting other rarity items)
or does buying the relic not unlock give the aura?
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Relic auras and titles are linked to the achivement of merging 100 fragments, Titles are account bound but the auras can be sold on the market just like complete relics.
I don't think they let you pick elements but I could be wrong. 

buying a full relic from the market has its advantage if you are looking for one with set rune slots already but you wont get an aura from them.
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Aside from what Misuto mentioned, there's aspect, as you can grind for the dungeon's tokens doing dailies and weeklies as well as jut completing the dungeon (Stasis affects nothing of the token drop amount) and essentialy get a relic for free.
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