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Noisy Emotes

By Granthese#6501 - MEMBER - July 24, 2023, 01:25:17
I really wish we could control the sound of emotes a little better. Some emotes that last indefinitely can make a pretty unpleasant noise after a while, and a lot of players just leave themselves AFK, often in good hub areas, looping emotes that can drive anyone crazy with all their noise. Especialy that HORRENDOUS rustling of clothes from that dance emote!
And they can’t even be interrupted by interactive emotes (slap, snowball, pie throw…).
Can something be done about it?
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That would be a nice option, also a way to lower other pets sounds. To be honest, the only reason I dislike the baby drheller pet is because of the constant digging sounds and it is worse at the Market considering that many players have it equipped
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I always hated that baby croc pet because of the giggle, its CREEPY AS HELL xD
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I'd actually like something like that too.  Perhaps either an option when you right click the player in the little pop up menu or just something in options entirely to mute emotes/pets.
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I would even settle with not making those emotes loop permanently or be interruptable so I can just throw a snowball to those noisy buggers.
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