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old items prices

By pablotopo1#4905 - MEMBER - June 10, 2023, 20:39:53
hi folks!

unfotunatley theres many players that are ignorant on prices of old items , im EL-Collector /Gougaloragran former player from ex- remmington server scince 2006 on anakma games and collector of old items scince 2014 ... pretty active with more than 15.000 game hours !

the prices im about to post are based on my experience in game trading old collectible items and the most wanted old rare and uber rare old items that still in game:

NOTE: help me out posting pics of the rare items you may have screenshot and as community disclose its fair price.

mimics:                                                                   decos:
ing set : 1-5bk                                                        square companion 700-2bk
troma hat 500mk-1bk                                                sir roderick stuffed toy  500-1bk
magician hat 200mk-1bk                                     golden trophy 50-200mk
shamanic set 200mk-1bk                                    silver trophy 30-100mk
natural set 50-100mk                                           bronze trophy 30-100mk
leafy leaf hat 100mk                                             jiva statue non linked 50-100mk
pioneer set 50-100mk                                           emerald dofus sculpture 50-100mk
moedana set 300-500mk                                     armored display window 50-100mk
assasin set 300-500mk                                        ultima emote 500mk
novice set 40-100mk                                             giga emote 300mk
dora   200mk                                                          krosmaster window 20-30mk
prowler hat 100-200mk                                        krosmaster set black 50mk
iop cape 100-1bk                                                   krosmaster set red 50mk
brotherhood of tofu cape 30-50mk                    kwismas bedroom 300-500mk
helmetofu 50-100mk                                            los muertos bedroom 30-50mk
nox costume 250-500mk                                     egipcian bedroom 30-50mk
awaken oropo costume 50-70mk                       tappet toy 60-100mk
el conquistadol set 150-500mk                           watermeloncube 20-50mk
rolling pin 50-100mk                                             justice table 15-30mk
oak killer 100-150mk                                             krosmaster statuesx12 : 25-40mk
youra set 100-200mk                                             paravortal 25-50mk
st bollowtime cape 30-50mk                               vampiric gates 10-20mk
scrap set 50mk                                                       cup of crystals 20-100mk
ankama cape 20-40mk                                           splendid cushion 30-50mk
vampiric set 60-120mk                                          krosmaster display window 20-30mk
rat set 15-30mk                                                       strawberry , bleuberry parasol 15-25mk
milliboowolf set 15-50mk                                      strawberry and blueberry surfboard 15-25mk
mishell set 40-80mk                                               old dressers(non in shop) 3-30mk
scaraleaf set 15-30mk                                           prespic statue 10-20mk
champion old champions costumes 8-30mk        wakfu islands portraits 50-150mk
wakfu era hat 600mk-2bk                                     salamander stuffed toy 20-50mk
snowfox set 15-20mk                                             cuppiddlypants fountain 500mk-2bk     
                                                                                   amalia,eva,tristepin,ruel toys 30-100mk each  
makabration ring 1bk-10bk

ill try to upload pics and more in list if know more please help uot 

best regards a fellow fan !


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Oh wow well.. um some of these prices I think you have a bit too high. how exactly do you come up with them, cus if it is item rarity by population I feel you have things rather wrong.

first time ive seen the Makabraktion Ring be valued so insanely high, it being an ex-shop item and was also meta at one stage before being nerf'd it wasn't limited. 
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Puddle , as said above im trading this old fashion items in game for so long now and pretty active in the trading with real collectors in game .

there are few infamous resellers of this kind of itmes saying around is pretty easy and not so hard to find some of this stuffs ... is all ignorance. infamous resellers love to scam others.

*Makabration ring is a ring very few players own , is a item  with the only CM meta in game , the maka rings family are this:
and the rarity is 1ap ring (gives 1 ap per hit taken 20%) ,actually ankama nerf the ring after the rollback placing the 20% probability of getting 1 ap per hit taken ...before that was 100%, i personally witness a fight a sacri in nox having this ring on and theres no need for high initiative the sacri start fight second with 24 ap after and iop temptying to kill first turn (iops make like 16 hits per turn and the sacri already had 14 ap)...not rocket science why owners dont even use it much so ankama dont nerf the item again or worst.

Take in account that in time this items got lost and less and less old players come back to play some even clear up inventory with out knowing some itmes from the past are good looking or were already hard to get at the time and sell for prices really odd ... 

back in the days of multiple servers the economy was really messed up on some of them , at this moment the economy in server is the same old elbor server had . remmington was x3 expensive of what it is now and the prices im taken are from there and now so the cheapest are the standard rewal collector might pay without crying .

have fun
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thats just an example of what collectors may pay for some game exclusive gears or decorations

400mk+a nox costume(350-600mk) for those better troll players dont even talk here

note: if you have some of this items im down to pay in game this standard prices as in the past i paid that much for some of this exclusives!

how come lot of negative votes? well is easy to know , some collectors hate paying fair prices for exclusive fan collectibles in game ...but this must be said once and for all ..... collectibles are something valuable for the game fans  and as a general rule they become collectibles for many reason , non-obtainables , event gifts , 0.01%drop rate , etc .

i also have to add that the actual economy of the server (rubilax) is the same of ex-elbor server worst economy from all servers ever , so this also affects the collectibles prices ? sure it does but is something subjective  due to the "exclusive" factor .... so for those items that are as much as 10 in the whole server prices will always get higher as the seller wants and the buyers offer ...demand and offer and this for sure depends on the "ignorance" factor  if demand is from a reseller he/she will always want the lowest price ,if the offer comes form a old player comming back into game ignoring all this well is not rocket science  that item will be sell bad and buy  bad because the buyer scammed the seller is important to know all this in my POV , i had learned  many players payed 1mk for items that other collectors payed 50mk .(this is also subjective as a "lucky strike" factor and some other times is just scam)

NOTE : haters just skip this post if this bothers you , this post is intended to stop the hermetism on this topic and help old players that want to come back and selle their valuable stuffs for fair prices .

have fun
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this is very important information indeed , sometimes talking with collectors you find out they are the richest players in game with low profile .

and careful , there is an infamous scammer running around buying old items for very cheap prices and reselling for lot of kamas .
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I can't imagine anyone paying the listed prices for a lot of these items. 10 billion kamas for a makabraktion ring? As I understand it, this was something sold in the wakfu boutique years ago. I have personally heard of some players demanding around 1 billion kamas for one of these rings a few years back right after the server merge, but as far as I know no one has actually bought one (nor would it be a wise investment). There isn't anything special about the ring other than the novelty.

What source do you have for some of these prices? I understand that it is a limited market for such items, but the prices do appear to be at least somewhat arbitrary. What determines the price? Do you use a grading/scoring system to determine how rare/desirable an object is, and use that information with market data? How much impact does a mimisymbic have on an item's value (compared to the original)?

Also, your price range for champion of champions costume is out of date. This was the value of the costume a couple of years ago, but it has since become more scarce due to the cosmetics update. A costume was recently listed in the market for 15mk (18/6/23), and sold within about 6 hours from the time it was listed. I have seen this costume sell in the 25-35mk range on multiple occasions a number of months ago. I am not sure what the maximum value is for the costume at the moment (they are only listed in the market infrequently), but I would probably estimate that 15mk is the minimum price someone would list it for nowadays. I've seen people try to sell the costume for 50mk, although I am not sure if this reflects an actual price that someone would likely pay. The median market value is probably closer to 30mk. 
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hey there 

1 - makabration ring (english) makabra ksion (spanish)

-------1 ap given for hit taken 20%--------
is the lord of the rings for op pvpeers

10 billion kamas was the price the owner gave me to sell me was 4 slot with Wx2

2-source ? i am the source , you probably dont have a clue who i am but was trading most of the list i posted for years to collectors you might never know exist in game .

for the grading scoring system i posted one at spanish forum a year ago or so .... and yes there is , and is not something you can just made uo from tin air  ... was an empiric labor  and mostly by speaking to many collectors that own the most rare stuffs about their probable selling prices ... at least 70% of that list i owned and still have some of those rarities ...some rares was from events ,0.01% old rate drops, and such...

NOTE: collectors hate common players own something rare and dont value it ...
is something just true geeks and fans of this game understand.

is more valuable a non mimic old item 

3- champion of champion costume 

well problem is that in merge those were at 8mk at this moment i know at least 3 collectors that bought many of them and for the record one of them owns 50 of them as far as i know :s

hope this help but really i didnt made up , met the owners of 3 makabration ring 2 of them was sold for 3 and the other for 5 billion kamas at merge , myself sold a troma hat for a magician hat(just 1 in server -1 billion kamas)  +400mk.....
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So was wondering if someone has such old items, where we should sell it ? do you buy with same prices listed ? *_*
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Hey there - I saw a lot of down votes and just want to add some context. I have sold a lot of "old items" to the maker of this thread for indeed, the listed prices here. (Except maybe Prowler hat? Maybe I sold a few to the "scammer" idk)

These prices are in fact legit, the collectors in this game are crazy I have hoarded a lot of old items in my time of playing Wakfu mostly hats and odd things that people didn't really care much about and Goug has been a huge help in helping me navigate what these items are worth and has even bought a lot of things from me in the past. 
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remember you sell it to me as the same as goug , loool
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I have some of these listed items if you're buying. Also have a "Potion of Wise Fortune" that I've been holding onto since forever (I think it was from a steam bundle from almost 10 years ago).
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Hi bro , what its your ID from discord?
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please community be careful with this player that replied in the last two comments, is known to scam players that come back in game and worst than any sell their stuffs for real life profit ...many reports were done please ankama follow hes deals .
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Can confirm, he tried scamming me by offering 3mk for the Goultard costume.
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So, I was randomly stumbling upon Wakfu forums 2 days ago and I decided to post my items for sale, because why not? Boredom. I thank the OP for making me aware of the true prices of these items.

It turns out that the player that posted above (with the multipled downvotes, we all know who it is, the Hades Blood guy) tried to manipulate me to sell my items for cheaper and get "better" prices at the expense of others. Once I told him I was not going to sell an item to him, he began to threaten me with "I'm the Top seller on this server, my prices are final and I'm going to tell everyone to not buy your items" like a child. He tries to play the victim "I'm your friend, why aren't you selling your items to me for this absurdly low price?" Just to get your items for cheap. He has been known to sell his items for real life money, aka AGAINST TOS, and will try his hardest to manipulate you into the sale.

I would like to apologize to the OP for even thinking of tolerating him. He clearly intended to manipulate, so I would not sell my items and he would walk away controlling the server prices and manipulating others. The point is, this guy will attempt to ruin any sale you may make, just so he may make profit. When I was going to sell an item to a well-known collector, he even wanted commission for something he never helped with.

The tactics didn't work too well with me, and I never budged to give him one of my items for cheap, thankfully. 

No. just don't interact with this person, please. For your own sanity. Take note of the amount of times I had to describe the actions as "manipulative".

PSA, this is what happens when you finally decide to cut ties with this person:


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