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By Raheru3#5832 - MEMBER - April 24, 2023, 02:25:49
Ankama has some of the best hair style designs in the business.
Why not create more? I know many will hate me for suggesting this, but please add hair styles as a category on the Wakfu shop. I think they would sell really well.

I would prefer them as part of game patches, but it all costs money to make, from a business standpoint. The people currently doing costumes and mounts could also new hairstyles.

I just look at dofus and get jealous

Personally I would like more spiky hairstyles for Sadi, something like Yoruichi's from Bleach
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First Ankama intervention

Replying to T1gerator


Actually, the design isn't the hard part on our side. We have to make a lot of technical stuff to make a haircut work properly with all classes : classes have different ears, eyes, some have glasses, other have fur or mechanical elements.
It takes a while to adapt a haircut for each and every class. It's a lot more work than making a hat for example !

Of course, we could always make one haircut per class, but it would be significantly longer to create and implement 36 haircuts at once.

All that being said, we're considering some additions at some point, especially since costumes now come with a toggle to hide your hat and display your hair. It's not simple, but we'd like to offer more customization if we ever get some time.

See message in context
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the trouble i have is that the extra hairstyles they added already don't really feel as good as the base hairstyles that are designed for the classes. they're just lower fidelity, and in a lot of cases are just references to characters from the anime rather than good looking hairstyles on their own.

i'm always in favour of extra customisation (for example i would love a patch that allows a rogue to have the appearance of any of the other classes since literally anyone is capable of being a rogue), but the new hairstyles were kind of a flop for me.

here's hoping they get a quality update someday.

p.s. hey ankama, if you need an artist to help work on this kind of thing, i'm available! seriously, i'd love to work on art assets, and i have rent to pay. hit me up smile
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I support you on the call for involving the community for creating these assets. They could make a contest out of it. Usually the design part is the hard part, so just leave that part to the players and then the artists can just reference it.
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It's not simple, but we'd like to offer more customization if we ever get some time.


ok sir but, i guess if you ask if they preffer you use the time you want to employ in single/aoe project that nobody wants into the haircut styles you would get approval by players right away :3

PD: bring back old Cra.
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I was thinking the same thing
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Thanks Siu for the clarification on how hairstyles are created for Wakfu. I'm definitely encouraged that it's something you all might consider in the future.

With this new information on the technicalities I would prefer an update that gives us new class-specific hairstyles rather than than hairstyles shared by all classes.
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The thing for me is that I prefer to play female characters, being a female myself. But I hate some of the female hairstyles, I would love to have some of the male hair styles.
Instead of making new hairstyles maybe make both male and female hairstyles available for any gender for each class.
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Honestly, I'd prefer 2-3 new hairstyles per class then 10 new hairstyles that all classes can get.
Even after the update i find myself gravitating towards the unique class hairstyles then the 5 generic ones we got, having to work for any class makes them so bland.

And the generic ones aren't even that generic since they are gender-locked for some reason? Feels like a missed opportunity, if the hairstyles weren't locked every character would suddenly have twice as many to pick from.
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One of the biggest issues of the new hairstyles, in my opinion, is the lack of details. If you compare them to any of the 3 base class hairstyles you will notice a lack of shadows, lines and texture right away. Like, Elely and Arpagone hairstyles (first and last rows on the female side) don't look bad for example but extremely plain 

The female Feca, Sadida and male Eniripsas even have glow on the hair, male Feca has a lot of shadows which indicate a depth between the spikes, the first female Masq hair is ART compared to the others.


And then we got this (no disrespect to the artist):

Maybe an "easy" (and I say "easy" because idk whay technical implications there might be in doing so) fix would be to add more fine details to the newer hairstyles. I don't totally hate them but they certainly lack the same precision that the base class hairstyles have and, hey, maybe that's all they need.

And also, why not add the simplest and easiest style of all time: bald. It doesn't look bad, it is a real style that many people use in real life, we've seen how classes look when the assets don't load right away, it might be a nice addition as a common style for every class
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this is what i meant when i said the new hairstyles were "lower fidelity" than the old ones. thank you for expanding on that and providing some excellent examples and reasons why we feel this way about them!

the 5 extra hairstyles don't feel like they fit the art style.

except on male sadida, whoever fitted it for male sadida did god's work, they all look really good on male sadi and blend in to the bush face really well.
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Hard agree on this, that new hairs update that was released some time ago already made me really happy after having to resort to the less ugly of the three osamodas hairs for example, but i can't deny that nowadays i find myself choosing the same 2 or 3 universal hairstyles on most characters because i feel the same about several other classes, the new sram being one of them too, i really can't stress enough how short the new skulls they were given fall in comparison to these concept arts that were shown previously:

New hairstyles are something i'd kill for, and the point of them being a big costume seller now that hats can be removed is also true, but consider the other thing that was mentioned in that sram and foggernaut appeareance overhaul post, the headgear improvements.

Hopefully that's still something that is being worked on carefully because the way hats function curently also deter me constantly from getting new costumes or mimisymbics, they generally cut some iconic parts of the character's hair or directly deleting it as it happens with the St. Potrick costume to this day

And some other costumes like the Gobboy, Tofu and 1000 Claws got fixed in the same update making it so the hair doesn't show thru anymore, but i don't know, i get that it was a bug but you can't tell me this looks worse than how they do now:

I love the hair showing from behind and the tails falling from the front, this needs to be at least a toggleable option for all classes, not just for eniripsas and sadidas who have some of the only hairs in the game that don't suffer this when you wear a hat, please consider that before mimisymbics make the jump to account entity, because it's such a big part of it.
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