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Finding Goomy's Family?

By Oamoka#9480 - MEMBER - March 03, 2023, 07:44:04
I've finally started working on the Ereboria questline. I noticed that after finishing the Missing Macawker quests that you could talk to Nao again in order to do a non-quest thing that rewarded you with a Macawker pet. So when I finished the Goomy's Family's Gone quests, I tried to follow the hint in the Journal Remnants and look for a cave in the eastern part of the beach (I know it says island, but the Cursed Beach is already the easternmost part of Ereboria, remembering that north is the top-right of the screen).
I managed to find something that looked like a cave, to the north-west of the dungeon (at about 1, -7), but there's no way to enter it.
Has anyone found Goomy's family? Am I on the right track, or the wrong track? Or is this glitched, which would mean I should report it as a bug?
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Unfortunately, there is nothing to be found (yet)... Still, good job on completing these quests !

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