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What are your thoughts on the "Mono Server" idea that is being tossed around?

By IllusiveCapital#6527 - MEMBER - January 29, 2023, 21:34:17
I've seen people in the comments of other threads mention a Mono-Account Server that may or may not come out this year.
It's also vaguely mentioned in the 2023 Best Wishes thread.

Some people think it will help with the inability to find people to play with, and not being able to find people of the same language to communicate with.
But some people have said that it would just be spreading out the playerbase more, and making these issues worse.

Do you think this would be a good thing, or a bad thing for the game?

Do you have any concerns?
Are there any changes that would need happen first for this server to have a chance of success?

Also, would you guys be interested in starting over on a new server like that?

My thoughts are that it will likely have the same balance/direction issues that are currently unaddressed in the current Wakfu.
And I'm worried that it will just turn into each player creating 6 accounts to multibox and progress if they can't find people to play with.
Or once the initial hype dies off, it will enter the same kind of slump as Rubilax where it's mainly a hub for people to stand around and chat, with new players not being able to progress since they can't find people to play.

If there's any more information about the ostensible mono server, please let me know!
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If Dofus single character servers are to go by, you are unable to connect more than once at the same time even with multiple accounts so multiboxing is not an option. ( unless they said they aren't locking it in the same way and if thats the case... then its not really a mono-character server ) 

Personally if there is some kind of global bost to exp I would say I would play but for now it is a "maybe" , I think it will be intresting for the early life of the server as we haven't all been on the same place like that in a long time. 
but long term I am very unsure, I don't think even if it doesn't work out the attempt will be fun. 
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This is something they mentioned in the 2023 thread.
  • 2023 will be a rather unique year because a new game server will be added – a single-character server. Keep an eye on game news for more information about that. We'll have more details to share soon! We still have a lot of things to clarify before launching this new server because our goal is to make the game much healthier and accessible before the server opens. This is also one of the reasons we established the account entity and are reviewing all the dungeons in the game little by little, either with a large update like Dungeons 2.0, or through more precise changes such as the ones to the Whisperers, Orroks and Polar Cracklers. Reviewing the tutorial and other "learning-the-game" content is also an important preparatory step to be done before opening the server.

So it looks like that might be the case? I'm not too familiar with what they're referring to.
I hope it will be fun too! Playing and talking with other people is definitely what makes MMOs! I miss the people I used to play with TBH.
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I am excited about it and definitely gonna jump in when it happen. I missed the time when the group actually has 6 different players.

At the same time I'm also pessimistic if it will work long term, because I think multi-boxing become popular because it was hard to find a group you want in the first place. So at the start it will be nice, but after a while when the hype of fresh server died down, it might become hard to find group anyway.

So yeah, it gonna depends on how things work out and I'm just gonna enjoy the ride.
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That will be the cure for the current state of the game. Many people from the hispanic community and myself included are waiting for the mono server to start playing again.
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If anything, I would want to just make a new account on the real (Rubilax) server with friends.  I don't believe the monoaccount server will last unless changes are made to the game that remove the "need" for a monoaccount server in the first place.

If there were so many people who wanted to play with others and only play one character, why wouldn't they be doing that already? 

Since I like to play with groups of 6, I just play in groups of 6 with my friends on Rubilax right now.
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Personally, I DO have a bunch of concerns regarding this new single-account server which, imo, won't last that long.

I'm not being negative it is just that I don't know how a single-account server would ever manage to survive being just a copy of the current international server where players already have issues to do content due to the lack of people and other layers of requisites the game has. First month? sure, lots of people and many praises to the devs for reviving the game. 6 months? manageable. 1 year? that's when you will start having a rough time specially if you stopped playing at some point in the earlier levels.

The thing is, when everything is new and fresh everyone advances as one so there won't be too many issues to find others to play with because everyone will be at similar levels, that's how it always goes in any new MMORPG including Wakfu during it's first years, but as time goes by and the community progresses and those initial players reach higher levels, the new/casual/non-hardcore players will be left behind. That is already an issue in the big macro server where such problem shouldn't exist so why wouldn't it happen on this new one? "Because there won't be heroes so all those real players will be forced to cooperate with one another" some might say but If we look back, Wakfu started as a single-character game as any other MMORPG and then decided to add the Hero system in 2015 which allowed many to get unstucked and progress at their own pace, plus iirc it gave a little more life to various servers specially Nox (I think this was the ghost server, not sure. Not saying it fixed the issue but at least you could start doing something). Right now, if you can't continue leveling or have issues finding people to play with you can opt to buy Heroes to at least clear 3-player dungeons and advance while having some fun, but what would you do in a Single-Account server? Either wait even for hours for similar players hoping you'll get a full BALANCED party of 6 to do crucial content multiple times or be hard carried by a level 230 which isn't exactly fun if you ask me.

The game is getting constant QoL updates and class balancing which I LOVE, but they don't really impact the social aspect of the game. They improve the user experience while reworks enhance the tactical aspect of the game but they don't directly impact the social interactions or grouping of players in any way. Devs already said a big NO to a party finder and removed the previous one entirely, how would a player expect to run any content at any time on an international single-account-heroes-banned server at a decent pace and build the character without the right tools? 

Again, I'm not being negative but if the current servers already fail to provide a fluid fun experience in many scenarios, how would this new one?

Unless devs decide to make strong changes to the systems (crafting, rng, enchantment, and so on), it will just be playing Wakfu on hard mode.
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I want a mono account server, but not a mono character. If it has heroes allowed, I will love it.
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Personally, i would like something like this:

>Level 200 cap, don't spread the playerbase more than it is.

>Allow sidekicks: they're worst than heroes after all.

>Make it just less grindy.

>Keep reworking and making dungeons less precise, because right now, some dungeons are just telling us "play it with the developer's way" META will always exist but this game shouldn't have 1 single way that is just FAR BETTER than the others, it's supposed to be a tactical MMO after all.
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Really excited to hop on this server, and honestly wish this was a bigger priority for the team (i.e. release this prior to Q3/Q4). Talked to a number of people I used to play with and we’re all interested in starting fresh.

I think heroes would be an interesting addition, but I’m not sure allowing 3/team is the right call. Capping that feature at 2/team could be a good middle ground to promote teamwork & social interaction — but not penalize people for not finding 4-5 friends to play with every night.

From a financial standpoint, the monthly booster has a lot less value if you can only play one character. You’d effectively be paying the same as someone on the main servers but without a pretty important feature… worth thinking through.

I’d also welcome starting with a level 100 / 120 level cap at launch, similar to how the game originally launched. Would keep players in a lot of the same zones early on, keeps markets more active at all level brackets, and would prevent significant power gaps within the first couple weeks of launch.
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The server will be f2p but it might be subject to change (if I read that correctly) and the functioning of the BP is not yet decided which means it might provide different bonuses.

According to this post on the French forum which has recolected some good official info on the new server

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Looking forward to the mono server. I think this will also incentivize players to make multiple builds for a single character to adapt to the group composition e.g. having both a dps and tank setup for foggernaut or whatever. My only concern is that the server will lack players, which I think it will if not a significant number of players return to play on this server
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This is kind of an afterthought I had.
 It's already hard to find people to play with on Rubilax. But at least we can multibox to get around that.

Say the playerbase for the mono-account server dies down after the initial hype, then you might have to effectively solo everything with one character. Which I think would make it close to impossible to clear things at your own level.

Let's hope they make changes to the balance and the grind for the mono server~
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is this online game?
why u played 6 heroes by ur self?

100% this is what im waitin for..

what makes ppl hard to find party? it is not about poor party finder system.. its about the habbit of ppl making new guild.. when he/she feel that guild not fun he/she leave and make new guild ask ppl to join his guild.. and repeating the process by other members if they dont comfertable.. more guilds, less ppl in each guild, the more harder to find party.. why u not just leave the guild u feel doesnt suit with u and join with other guild already exist.. STOP MAKE NEW GUILD!!.. so much guild with so many slots u can fill.. so ez to find party if ur guild have a lot of members..

and as long wakfu keep update their game like nowaday it wont be fail.. and believe me new player will pick mono acc.. becoz they need ppl to help them, and old player will help new player if they dont have party to play with.. lets make a bet about this one..

100% will success..
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The reason why mono account server worked in Dofus is because they rebalanced the game for less characters, less players on the group means less enemies to fight.

Unless the devs rebalance Wakfu to be playable by 2 or 3 characters, I don't see a mono account server working.
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I have a lot of concerns regarding it but I understand why a lot of people are excited/optimistic. I do agree with bluhen however that it’s gonna require a helping hand to not be a hard mode of current wakfu.
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While the new mono-character server may promote more community-based gameplay, it may not completely solve the issue of lack of players at certain content. However, there are still ways for players to find groups, such as through incentives (example: stasis rewards) or joining a community.

I remember the first year when I played there was no heroes and I can't say that it was hard or bad. Actually I met a lot of good people that helped me to get used to the game. There was a lot of fun and those definitely where one of the best times I had in this game.. the times before heroes system.

I cant say that I didn't have fun playing 6 characters, but it was more like just single player experience, surprisingly. The only social experience were market and gameplay discussions.

This highlights the potential issue with allowing players to control multiple characters - it may make the game feel less social and more focused on individual play.

Idk to be honest. I'm waiting for new server to see how it's gonna feel like and then finally decide where I want to play - mono-character or Rubilax. Or to play at all.

Ultimately, the success of a new server in Wakfu will depend on how well the developers can balance  it. It's important for the developers to take player feedback into account and make adjustments accordingly to create enjoyable experience for the players.
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Mono server will be for people if they dont want to pay "boosters" so they can play together in dungeons.
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Multiboxing was always a problem in this game and Dofus.
People say that it's hard to find a party, so they multibox, so that makes it even harder to find a party, so then even more people multibox, and it's just a spiral downwards to what boils down to either people multiboxing or not wanting to multibox and so quitting the game instead. It is damaging for the health of the game.

That being said Ankama should have promoted the MMO part of their games. No, instead they brought sidekicks and then heroes to make solo playing even more convenient. They made their dungeons have a way too specific of a strategy needed, where you need excellent communication with your party (or non at all since you're filling the whole party by yourself), or you need very specific characters to complete the task with (which bars out certain people with their characters completely from finding a party for the specific dungeon), or both.

This game is an MMO which punishes you for playing with other people.
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I want it if it comes with a re-balance of the game, in fact, I will be happy even if the server is in a version BEFORE the heroes system, considering that's when the game was actually balanced towards multiple players cooperating

It has nothing to do with the fact that I miss the game pre astrub revamp, pre nations revamp, pre-spells revamp and pre heroes as a whole
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This game desperately needs a restart so yes I'm very interested. Cannot wait to see heroes go away permanently.
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i rather see a solo server where all the content can be solo'd lol, now that would bring more people back
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