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Can't find Birch Cutting ?

By Starieel#8309 - MEMBER - January 24, 2023, 14:40:43

Hello, I am a new player from the Rubilax server and recently have been leveling up Lumberjack but I have encountered a problem, that being that I can't find birch cutting. I have searched the market for it but there isn't anyone selling and there is not a single tree in the Singing Fields.
I have read on older posts that you are able to buy from the clan member but when I talk to him, the only option that appears to me is the one that ends the dialogue.
Is there something I'm missing ? Can I somehow get the cutting somewhere else ? Do I need to be from the same nation or finish some mission for him to sell to me ?

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I am unsure about clan member cuttings as a nation government member you could buy them in the past but it was a system not really used much. 

as for missing trees, just means someone has taken them all and not replanted. Try to ask around to see if anyone has cuttings and keep checking back/looking on the markets. 

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