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Is it just me?

By Downhome#7515 - MEMBER - December 20, 2022, 18:02:57
It seems to me the Christmas event is getting  lot less traffic than in the last 3 years? Seems like I'm lucky to find 10 other players in there whenever I enter the area.
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The Christmas event has been the same for many years, old players have nothing to get there anymore as the rewards haven't changed.
There isn't really much in replay value there, the fights aren't really fun;;; 
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Yeah, true, The events are getting old. And didn't they eliminate Santa showing up in Astrub, this time around?
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This was my first year having the time to take part, I even made sure to fork out for the Booster 1 year pack so I could do it this year, but I cant believe how stupidly difficult it is. 

The fights in Kwismas Land are ridiculous, messing with those spells instead of your character in general. It doesnt matter what level your characters are because you are handicapped by those stupid spells!
The quest for Father Kwismas to get the cloak, cape, hat and boots is a grind and because of the handicap - you either have to waste lots of food to get your HP back up or stand around twiddling your thumbs as its regenerated.

There is no clear information how to get the Father Kwismas Costume to do the Achievement "Santa's Clothes" it just says you have to wear the Father Kwismas costume when defeating the Royal Gobball and from what information I have managed to find from previous years the quest/Achievement is always bugged.

The grind for Kwismas Trees is aggravating - you got more drops for these types of things in other seasonal events - why is Kwismas so hard??? No way in hell I'm going to be able to grind to get the  minimum of 250 seeds to plant to make Father Kwismas appear in Astrub.

I get its all seasonal events but did they have to go so damn hard for Kwismas?  
So much for Christmas - the season of giving, yeah giving a migraine!
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Yeah. feels like Ankama's coasting on this one. No advent calendar either. This year, I skipped most of the events.
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I really miss the advent calendar even if I dried up the kwismas island years ago the calendar was always nice to look forward to
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For my defense, Ive never been into the events... They always feel so confusing so I dont even bother thinking about it all. Its not like I am d-hard player like the most loyal players are biggrin
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