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when do we get to feel powerful in the questline

By cawleerr#6893 - MEMBER - November 29, 2022, 05:58:33
what do u guys think about the fact that we never get to actually do things that actively change the world. 

like i wish fighting the sram god was an actual option in the end of the pandora questline, or we could beat up  the eca demigod without the help of the crow man, or beat up kali 1 on 1  or actually fight the real count harebourg early on instead a ''copy'' . not killing ogrest or rushu ( gameplay choice) 

our character feeling powerful is very important in most rpgs but i don't why we never get that feeling the wakfu quests. i understand that the wakfu quests don't take themselfs seriously but still 
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Actually i remember a quest where you had to go back to Forfut ( something to do with Shadofang questline ) 

and i remember in the convo to the Forfut mayor that our characters did say we can now squash Vampyro in an instant and that he's kinda useless for us now. which made me giggle remembering how long time ago, it took me and my friends 3-4 tries to beat Vampyro XD

so in terms of story lore, i think we can sense that we actually are becoming well known and is a sort of a legend. 

Also i remember a quest where we called all our old allies to fight Harebourg's portal in Brakmar, that was something else too! 
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This is interesting; the characters we play are by design "regular people". We are simply followers of a deity (or in the Huppermage's case, a tenet) who have been granted powers by said deity (or practice). Fighting Sram should be an instant loss. Kali should wreck us 1v1. Ush is powerful even for a demigod (look at the Dofus movie). 

I enjoy that the quest line of the game has you interact with and fight on the same level, even with help, as such powerful characters. We're not demigods! We are a minor character on the scale these divine characters operate on, but we can still fight them and inconvenience them and sometimes even fight them to a standstill. That we can even "beat" Kali in a dungeon is impressive enough to me.

It's the main story line of Dofus to collect all 6 eggs and become all powerful. Even in that game, when that happens, all does not go as expected! Wakfu seems to me to be a game that explores what happens to the world when that power goes unchecked and how regular people interact with a world shaped by destruction and power run amok. I like that break from the typical "your player character is the specialest boy in the whole wide world!!!!!" narrative.
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that does not sound good lol. we are not just ''regular people'' in this world we are supposed to be powerful except that power is not projected on characters that are used in the show / Bds. its shown over monsters or even ogrest etc (non humanoid creatures mostly)
almost nobody plays wakfu for the story they play it for the gameplay or the role playing elements , the story is often used to make the rpg elements shine and make us feel powerful and change  etc 

''specialest boy in the whole wide world'' funny that u say that because yugo is suppose to be just that , and in context the player character is suppose to have achieved much more than he did during the game i don't see why the show's characters cant be used to make us feel more powerful in quests when the game isn't even canon  because they are ready to make us fight them (kali and ush ) but they are making artificial changes to make us seem less powerful (in the case of ush especially ) 
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Granthese#6501|2022-12-01 00:35:28
Except we ARE regular people. The "Chosen one" at the beggining? Fake. The guy just needed someone to rescue him and we even failed at that!
The ultimate power of the gods? We use it all up afterwards. Beating any of the demigods? Leave that to the Cartoon, if you want to see Ush or Harebourg take a beating, watch Wakfu on netflix.

being a ''chosen one'' and being regular people are not the only 2 options, we are fighters / adventurers that are meant to fight ogrest and i am not sure why are u fighting the idea of beating ush or harebourg in the quest as if that isn't a good thing i?? it isn't good to fight an established character and beat it without strings attached ??  u CAN fight ush and u CAN fight harebourg and WE could have fought sram god but there is always a string attached that makes the player character artificially weaker and no i don't want to see ush or harebourg beaten i want to play against them and beat them just like we play against ogrest and rushu  
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You don't beat Ogrest or Rushu--you don't even get close! You play around with them for a while and then they kick you out. Also, we're not "meant" to fight Ogrest. We have no special destiny, we're just regular people trying our best. That we can fight against Ogrest and Rushu at all and survive is insane. INSANE. 
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I don't really care about the feeling powerful in the story because that's not when we should feel powerful-- its in the gameplay where that really should happen. Wakfu's story doesn't take things that seriously to begin with.

That aside, fighting Sram in a score based fight would be fun and Wakfu has managed to let us fight things that literally shouldn't make any lore sense before (230 Shushus like Vaal'enthia), so why not? Sounds fun. I'm down. They could make it work.

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You don't. The fact that they are forcing you to make quests in order to get access to areas etc. is just idiotic. Note that this is just my opinion about it and most people most likely disagree.
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after catching up to my quests, i take my words back .. i am happy i get to clap sram's cheeks and save our friends  mellow 

i took a healer with me and i kept healing him and beating him up again. years of pent up rage now i feel peaceful again huh 10/10
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