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Gamakna is lost?

By Infoglas#1636 - MEMBER - November 26, 2022, 22:22:30

Hi all. I decided to get acquainted with the articles from Gamakna, and who are the Nekros, and I was faced with the fact that I can not open any of the issues of this magazine ... did anyone save the articles and could share? I'm interested in episode 2

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Yeah the server has been down for over a year, really annoying

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Same issue 

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Didn't Wakfu used to have its own magazine? Dofus definitely used to have one. Those magazines didn't really do much for the game, it was the same thing we get in news/devblog articles here. I would've liked those magazines to actually have dungeon guides and lore sections.

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they had devblogs and occasional sneak peaks at planned content that wasn’t mentioned or brought up on the main site. Mostly behind the scenes things like masq island/dungeon concept art etc stuff like that. As well as the occasional code card for in game rarities

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