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Need info on how lock and dodge works that isn't from 2013

By BenderMint#8851 - MEMBER - November 22, 2022, 08:06:23

As the title says, I need information.

This game is sorely lacking in up to date information. All help very appreciated and if there is an english wiki or fansite with good info feel free to share here.

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All basic stuff, including dodge and lock mechanics are neatly described here by Genn. Its from back in a days but its still up to date and formula works:

You can look for old wakfu wikis and generaly hope to find some anwsers on forum (tho some stuff might be hard). Wakfu have history of not being so good in ingame explanation of mechanics, but I belive you'll be able to creatively solve future problems.

Good luck

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Lock and dodge are very simple mechanics and are quite obvious already from the name?

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lock and dodge underwent a change since 2013 from being a turn skipping thing to a ap/mp loss makes sense they would get a little confused when looking it up, the first google result is from the old system and not the current one.
and the wiki is painfully outdated mentioning hyperaction and hypermovement...
Forums is for asking questions my friend! 

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If only there was a site for wakfu that resembled wowhead or elitist jerks. I guess it's just not worth anyone's time to make a website about wakfu, it definitely wasn't worth it for the people running method wakfu. It's not even worth it for the developers to keep their own website up to date when it comes to their encyclopedia

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