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Returning player!

By Protein-Snack#6641 - MEMBER - November 21, 2022, 07:45:44
This game has always been in the back of my mind. I finally decided to get back into after playing pretty hardcore around 2014. With that being said I could use some help in getting started.

I already have 5 characters around 160 (probably missing gear). I can't decide if i want to continue with them or start fresh to experiance the revamped areas. What are your opinions? Is it worth revisiting? 

Also, are there any up to date leveling guides? I don't plan on rushing, I just want a general idea of what i should be working on. 
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I would personally say stick with the heroes you have and try to get them geared. Ive played with 1 hero and barely hit 164, got my gear in 125 and 140ish but im already falling behind... I cant afford to re-gear every 20-40 levels.
Don't waste time starting a new heroe / team combo unless you really need to change something radically or just want to experience the other characters.
Unfortunately the meta is what it is and you can see just the same 3~ characters in use even though there are plenty to choose from.
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Just curious what is considered Meta right now? I'm not sure what I want to do with my 3rd character. Running Panda/Sram/X
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stay with them/switch 1 or 2 if you like. the new ones ll fastly reach others just team up and spam dungeons.

for leveling it is same. after got your gear spam dungeons. press `d` and pick in level order. check youtube and methodwakfu for guides. 

i m trying to come back too. share your wisdom later.
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welcome back!

my advice? stick with the characters you have and just scale your level back if you feel like you need to repeat things from a lower level. you can go all the way down to level 20.

however, i feel there's no real need to do that. get stuck in, and if you want, join our guild! we can help you figure out your footing again and answer questions about all the things that have changed since you were last here.
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First of all, welcome back, we always are happy to see old players returning to the world of Twelve, the more adventurer the merrier! i myself returned to Wakfu earlier this month, i have stopped playing Wakfu for almost 4 years. and i'm enjoying the game again with my guild guild.

Anyways, back to topic, i would suggest try to keep playing your main character / heroes. and try new classes in between when you feel stuck / just want to try something new, there's still a lot to do in the game at your current level

Also, you seem to have a pretty good team there, so i would say keep doing the main quest, re-learn dungeons and just have fun until you can reach the summit! 
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