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When is waven coming back?

By UTIONER#2809 - MEMBER - November 18, 2022, 01:03:03
I log into Ankama launcher and every game is colored, exept waven and it says RESTRICTED ACESS
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Waven is currently in Alpha development, so it will go down when testing isn't needed. The Waven forums say that the next testing phase is planned for December. The Waven Twitter says that it is planned to be fully released Summer of next year.
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Waven's next Alpha, #10, is expected to arrived on December 13th. It will last around three weeks and be available in English and French. 

You will be able to play: Iop, Xelor, Cra, Enirispa, Sacrier, and Sram. 

Two nations will be available: Bonta and Astrub. 
There will be a total of 9 monster islands available to try out! Some are chafer, whispers, and bwork islands. 

If you want sources or more information, let me know. Most can be found on Waven Twitter and Ankamalive twitch stream. 
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Did Brakmer die of self tourture again? Brakmar is so lame bro.
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sounds cool.
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I think it is super cool! smile 
If you ever to play or need help, let me know! I am always down for Waven. 
(Also Wakfu too!) 
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Never heard, but might definitely want to take this to the right forums lol.
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the “right forum” is still 100% in french and very low-populated.
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