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Any chance of a buff to auto set stats?

By T1gerator#5946 - MEMBER - November 16, 2022, 04:00:31
auto sets at a lot of levels seem to be weirdly statted.

with absolutely no secondary masteries to speak of, they can be difficult to utilise for certain classes that rely on the transformation of these secondary masteries. the resistances seem low, and across the board, the sets contain loads of control and range but no extra WP and, at lower levels, not enough AP and MP. they also seem to be oriented toward damage dealers, but tanks are SOL as there isn't enough lock and block for the sets to work.

i feel like the auto sets are, generally, understatted, and could do with a boost to help encourage ALSing, especially in different roles.

thanks for reading!
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I would like to enjoy ALS but I'm not gonna buy 10 sets for each one of my characters sorry.

Also losing stat points is really stupid, just reduce HP/damage by a reasonable % but let me keep my AP/MP/%armor and my mono/distance damage etc.
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Exactly, this drives new players off aswell. Id like to try ALS stuff (im not new player) but I dont have sets because all the money ive made has gone into my own gear... FOR ONE CHARACTER. Its not like I can afford getting good sets for every levels to run ALS with.
They should make the ALS use the set you are currently wearing but reduce / nerf it to similar stats as the items would be in the said ALS level region. No need to make multiple sets ffs.
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Yes please to this, I was shocked how bad the auto set stats are :'D
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There is a way to specialize while still using the Automatic Emblem equipment!

Go to your Build Manager, create a Build at the level you want to adjust to, set everything to automatic, and activate it. Open your Characteristics menu and create a page at that same level. Go back to the Build Manager and choose that Characteristics page for your Build. You can now distribute your Characteristic points however you like while using the Automatic Emblem equipment.

Just make sure to select this ALS Build before running dungeons, or it might set the fully automatic Build instead.
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i know about this! i'm talking strictly about the automatic gear emblems. thank you for the help, though, i'm sure somebody out there will benefit from it smile
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