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By MysterySoul#9642 - MEMBER - October 31, 2022, 11:00:48

I'm looking for a player, does anyone know an Eliotrope called Sentir (lvl 125), I'm trying to get ahold of him but were always on a different times. I accidently made him the leader of my guild like two years ago and I've been trying to get ahold of him since but keep just missing him. (No it's not a big guild or anything, I assume he wouldn't care and it's literally just full of my alts) 

or does anyone know how to message people if they aren't online? I'm going mental

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You can try sending him an Ankabox message, in the wakfu site/forum by the side of the flag/login, when loged in, the card shows the Ankabox, which is kinda of an inside email for players.

in game, Wakfu has the chat command /af to add someone to friend list, or/whois "character name", which shows the account name, buuut i believe the person you're looking for has to be online in bot commands... sooo thats tricky, i looked, even being in the same guild, it dont show the account name...

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I wish I could use that but I don't remember his account nickname, only his player name. Do you know if there is anyway to find it? Thank you though! 

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yoo thats me, and sentir is my als

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I'm surprised you saw this laugh

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That can be annoying, I hope you get in touch with the person.
I had similar issue with our Guild, was away from the game and did not know the ownership of Guild transfers to someone else after some random time... Very much of a BS move on behalf of the devs imho to do it this way. I've most likely now again lost control of the Guild because I've not played in months... Last time I was lucky and the ownership was with the 2nd in Command so I was able to obtain the ownership back somewhat easy (different timezones aswell so it took some time)

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