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is there any english guilds left

By Wavechaser#8137 - MEMBER - October 20, 2022, 08:13:19
just came back after years away to see if wakfu is still alive or on life support
all i see in recruit or trade is non english chat
did the EN community die?
or are they hiding?

and did they really do us this dirty and remove wisdom from wisdom pets we bought excl
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Yes, they did remove Wisdom from pets.

I am part of an English speaking guild (level 10, no less), though we are quite small and close-knit. We are also very into ALS! Always welcome to new members though. biggrin

You will have to look around for English speaking people but if you search around market hubs (Sufokia seems most popular) you will surely find other English speakers.
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is this your alt cause it says u only have a level 6
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there is a lot of english guilds that are active and maxed, even more that are still lvling up just keep looking 
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There are
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Some are, I used to have a guild I tried getting set up but unfortunately everyone who joins just stop playing after few weeks... No point.
I hope you have luck in finding a guild, there is the guild recruitment page on these forums you should perhaps look into it smile
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Why did they remove wisdom from gear and pets?
I don't think I was around when they announced/made that change.

Kinda sucks to have gear I spent time farming for become pretty much useless. 

Sorry, after further searching, I see that wisdom gear was removed in patch 1.75
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Because they didn't want people to have to get pets and gear to get good exp, so they just gave free wisdom to everyone

I don't see how that's relevant ot this topic tho
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