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Need an opinion on this game to settle down, chill and social. It's will decide should I invest or not since there are few cosmetic I want.

By Kusshon#4787 - MEMBER - September 23, 2022, 03:37:35
Hello gamers ! 

As per title above, I want non bias opinion for this game. Is it still going good ? The update (support), community and economy in general ? My main focus to play this game is the gameplay, and I'm not interested in rush leveling or whatsoever. I decided to play chill while social with others and do Proffesion progression.

I need to know your all opinion before I invest in this game. There are few interesting cosmetics that I want in this games. Thank you in advance !

P/S: I already play it, just want to confirm the status of the games before going further.
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hi , as an experienced player for both dofus and wakfu i will always have a heart to say is amazing .

+ : the game is very interesting if you like roll games and dont mind spend lot of time on it .
you will find many ways to play the game .

for the investing ...ill try explain  later.

-  : game is maybe not in its glory ,is been a happy but also sad history years ...let me give you a brief context :
there was many servers for the international community and at some point many of those servers was conquered by k a m a sellers (illegal) and few players that manage to get the monopoly (kinda normal) ,erosioning (if that word exists lol) the entire game ecosystem other words  uplayable due to boredom.
2 years now there was a merge of servers and we all was super anxious about how it was going to be that process ...and sadly the language barrier is real  80% is spanish  now , why? because their community is huge and  very dominant ,free to play and some manage to get real life profits with it on poor countries ,  i wont say names but i can save you the 1 year summary adventure seeking the problem , and is that many (not few) of the top grinders players in the server now are kama sellers (they are very clever for the illegal behaviours ..guild banks for no tracking ;p).All this bring  an economic problem between ogrines / kama so you will find that conversion stones (3000 ogrines) worth for example 5 mk(million kamas)  and in game in market you find experience potions (500 ogrines) for 300.000 kamas (1.8mk if you try to obtain the same selling a conversion stone)  a huge gap of 3.2mk , so the 5mk represente the legal og/kama rate  and the 1.8mk represent anomaly by kama sellers not need to be an engineer to find out .

Is sad indeed and hope they can get rid of this players that feel like a hydra (cut one head and come 7 more  :s) maybe some a.i to track this behaviour .

hope you keep playing and hope you will enjoy it 

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Thank you so much for your reply in depth Sir smile
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Kinda funny to ask for an unbiased oppinion of the game's forum.
I mean I love the game, but as a player I'm clearly biased
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The core gameplay and idea is good and solid. Its fun to play even as casual / free player.
The only downside is how sodding boring it gets to play alone because you can grind all you want but you wont get geared up unless you have a team or team and subscription so you get more loot. I noticed personally that even with full team; your chances of getting anything good is absolutely miniscule and if you have paying members in your team; the good loot seems to always favor those players.
Even as subbed player I have never gotten anything good as a loot. I dont know how much things needs to be farmed to get anything but during my time all these years, I have not gotten anything good. Always been forced to make money somehow and purchase from markets if I need anything.
Personally Id rather like to grind a group of mobs until I get the drop I am looking for but in this game, that is not the healthy road.

Overall I would still say this game is more than decent if you look for free to play game with a lot to do.
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Thank you for your responds. That a nice info for me to absorb. What do you think the longevity of this game ? based on your opinion.
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