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Why we keep coming back to Wakfu?

By welovetheavatar#8131 - MEMBER - September 21, 2022, 17:41:47
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Curretly it will take a lot to get me back into this game, though I keep looking now and then hoping it will get better.

1. Remove microtransactions to with buying sidekicks/gear/consumables/xp boosters. All gear/items should be obtainable in game from quest rewards or dungeon drops (I am not counting people who bought it with money and then selling it at the markets!). Xp boosters just scream this game was made to be overly grindy and should instead give you better xp from the start. There are so much better montisation options than these.

2. Fix optional subscription. Currently you get xp boost which as above in point 1 there are other things you can give in its place.

3. Stop destroying classes. Balances and tweaks are needed and also nice to have all playstyles/elements of a class actually usable. Over the many years classes have had changed what thier special class mechanics do or how they work, losing/gaining abilites either buff/debuff/aoe/range, had limits changes like per target or per turn. The classes I started playing with are no longer what they used to be, which is annoying to not get a free class change for your level when they change your class. Then the annoyance of having to regear becasue of these changes.

4 Sidekicks are mostly useless in comparison to using actual heroes. The fact that sidekicks are specificly bought on store makes this even worse. All Sidekicks need a big buff and the ability to get them in game from quests/dungeons (I am not counting people who bought it with money and then selling it at the markets!). 

5. Those extra side skills of Crafting/Gathering which for most part of the many years I have seen have little use. Crafting gear requires too much resources and investing into to get very little out of it as if I have to grind mobs for rare drops and farm/collect resources I may as well rather grind the actual place that drops the item I was going to craft because its the same time/effort to do so yet cheaper to do. I really did try the crafing maybe high end its worth it but for my levels up to 60 it was easier to just grind for the item than craft it. There are only a few things of use like buff items and the item to restore pets/mounts HP. I even remeber if you wiped out a species of creature in an area you just get infinite ghost versions that didnt have to be seeded at all.

6. They removed the riktus faction, now they only have the 4 main factions to join. My guess low player count they had to remove this but I still want to be in that faction.

7. Many story related quests are solo only in the questline. This sucks for anyone playing together as a set group from start to finish as you have to randomly solo quests along the way. Either the solo only should be skippable (autocomplete) or just make them a side thing thing to do instead of being part of the main quest.

8. Remove pointless limits on abilities. Uses per turn, uses per target can be terrible game mechanics, abilities are already limited by MP/AP/WP/positioning/range/los. Though I say this more about attacks rather than buff/debuffs. It seem pointess on attacks that do just damage with nothing else to be limited this way.

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1. Uh, you can't buy gear in the store, asie from cosmetic stuff, it's not really a P2W game. The actual monetisation is the boosters.

3. If they didn't update the classes since 2011 this game would be horrible. I'm glad they are actually trying to keep the game fun by updating classes instead of just making new ones.

4. Which makes them great for people not using heroes. I'd rather remove the hero system then make sidekicks as good as players

5. Ghost versions??

6. Not that being in the other 4 actually matters either, unless you are into battlefields

8. It's usually a tradeoff for higher base damage, lower cost or other bonus effects

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cody5#2705|2022-11-26 10:33:51

5. Ghost versions??

A long time ago when someone had killed all the monsters or nearly all of them in an area, ghost versions of the mobs spawned automatically.
they dropped trapper seeds when killed, it was removed from the game after the nation revamps I think though might have been earlier.
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