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Why we keep coming back to Wakfu?

By welovetheavatar#8131 - MEMBER - September 21, 2022, 17:41:47

We've all been there before, but yet the magic of the world of 12 keeps bringing us back! (Or maybe a spell from a  enripsa) Today lets look at why it's so hard to stay away from Yugo and his friends for too long.

                               earthThere’s no other game really like it

    Wakfu’s unique art style animation makes the game stand out from among other Square Enix-based games and the M.M.O. game world in general. I’ve played some side scrolling games with cartoon-style animation but it just didn’t feel as in depth as Wakfu is.

                                fireVarious movie/game references

    Have you ran into Team Missile and thought about Pokemon’s Team Rocket? What about Huppermage’s school Harry Potter theme? Who could forget the little rabbits on Wabbit Island that uses Goku’s Kamehaha attack or how even the Dojo for the Lenalds hints at Mortal Kombat. These references often made me smile a bit and realize the creativity that some the team members had.

                                  neutralGuild members & friends

    When you have a really good and active guild it makes a world of a difference. Sometimes we all need a break and coming back to find others online or a member that has been gone for 12 months back and asking about the new updates can be a bit nostalgic.


    Whether we’re curious to see if an item we put up for sale 25 days ago made a profit or just coming back after a hiatus to see if the equipment we coveted or scroll has dropped to a reasonable price, The markets definitely draws people back occasionally.

                                  earthChecking the Wakfu forums too often

    Some players who may have taken a break from Wakfu continue to lurk in the forums eager to comment or read about updates to Wakfu only to come back after asking questions such as “I wonder how Sammy my Sram will do as a trap focused sram? Oh Ouginaks received an update! Perhaps I should let Ollie the Ouginak out to get some fresh air by picking it on the hero select screen? Oh someone wrote a saccrier guide so maybe I should give Saccrier a try? Being in the forum section makes us slightly miss our time in Wakfu and can entice to start again which can refresh our Wakfu experience.   

                                 fireMajor Class & Item Updates

    People are curious about if their class got a big buff or a slight nerf or if certain items are now easier to acquire. That curiosity eventually gets the better of them and they come back to see how the world has changed since they've been gone.

                                ph34r Dungeons

    There is nothing like clearing a difficult dungeon on high stasis with a group of friends and it can be even more unpredictable with a group of strangers which you might end up becoming friends with despite the slight language barrier. Dungeons also require quite a bit of communication which can make people feel alive again after coming back and can urge them to continue to do so.

                                 earthWakfu TV show
    Some players might rewatch an episode of Yugo and his journey in the World Of 12 and decide to jump back in and relive some of those events or roleplay and create some new memories.

                                 water No need for a massive hardrive or expensive graphics card
There are a plethora of online games available, but many require an extensive amount of harddrive and can make your laptop run slower than a Sadida running a dungeon with 11 dolls on the field. Not to mention not everyone has job or money to upgrade to the next generation graphics cards. So Wakfu is sometimes the best option in terms of money and value for some of us, therefore we come back to see what's new.

                                neutral  Wakfu Boutique Sales
       This might be a bit more niche, but there are times when "flash sales" happen and the price of a costume, emote, themed pack, or booster pack goes on sale. This may cause some players to return to the game to spam their new "King Kong" or "Sleeping on the moon" emote infront of a zap or show off their sense of fashion in the marketplace. 


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Wakfu, is now a name term for reference in my circle when me and the boys use to judge whether a new game is worthy of investing or not. Tho I wouldn't say its for the best.

Our most agree-able context for this is,
A game we all love but we wouldn't/couldn't suffer to play with.
Namely, a game concept, gameplay & art we will find to our loving, but the team behind it, decision making, vision and interactions, not welcoming.

So it goes like, this game looks awesome anyone of you tried it yet?
The other goes, yea but... this game smells and feels like Wakfu.
So yea, not a good term actually.

Back to topic as how we kept lurking in the forums and sometimes login ingame to check things out, sometime even subscribing too, is that:

We still come back time to time hoping the "fix" that will finally come, yet if you ask what "fix" it is, we couldn't point it out anymore, maybe we can list them out clearly few years back when we were passionate of it, but now its just a feeling of lingering & hoping. Like maybe finally a big nuclear explosion change that will attract all of us back to it again.

Until then, we lurk in the deep sea like the ancient Suffokian people. Sending foggers to test the surface time to time.

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Hi Kyrie, hopefully some of your "foggers" (I love the Suffokian reference by the way) that were sent above to test the waters might have a few postives with 3 man dungeons and various rifts being added. I also check the forums waiting and hoping to get a glimpse at the next big wave of updates.

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What KyrieZalzy stated.
We lurk the forum hoping for a nuclear explosion in Wakfu that makes it fun again. Unfortunately we log in and get reminded why we left.

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Hi Rahe, I believe the gaming community is a big part of making any game "fun" and if Wakfu could get some new players then maybe that explosion you are looking for would happen. Recently the devlopers have been promoting Twitch and other streaming platforms which is a step in the right direction.

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For me it's class reworks, item flavour text and the kros-media lore.

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Yes Cody the class reworks, depending on who you are, can cause a person to leap for joy or cry in anguish. I personally like them since they tend to add a new twist and since the game is moving in new direction therefore, I can understand the need. Now I'm just waiting for my Sadida (hoping the Sadi community doesn't try to crucify me for saying that lol) to get a doll rework or fogger's to get a make over in the hero select screen.

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In my case, is a mix of "I really love the unique game style" and "The toaster I call laptop can't really run any other games I may like"

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Hahaha Bols! I remember having a simple laptop in the past and it made me return to this game numerous times as well! Wakfu was one of the few games that didn't take up much hardrive or required a really good and expensive graphics card. laugh I think I'll add that to the list above.

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Gameplay wise, wakfu is S tier that alone is worth comming back to 

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Well Cawl I looked at the 13 best 2D MMORPGs and Wakfu's graphics, when  compared to those others, is definitely S tier. Also can't wait until Foggers have an option to look like your profile pic.

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Personally I return to the game mostly because I have no money to get new games, not that it would matter because my PC is such an old potato and there is no way for me to obtain a new one so basically nothing runs smoothly on this. Even Wakfu is laggy, but still playable.
I just get bored every time in a month or two because its so boring grind alone :'D

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I understand the pain! Especially if you're paying $60.00 + tax for a single console game. I also don't like to grinding alone so I take breaks just like you. Maybe we should play together sometime XD.

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Raheru#4132|2022-09-24 16:26:05
When a corporation or government gets you to blame yourself for their un-attractive service that's when you know things are bad. No; Wakfu had years when it was thriving, because it was fun.

It's up to them, as the ones who can make the service fun again, to make the game attractive. Wakfu is in the state Worlf of Warcraft had been in for many years, where the devs stopped doing what was fun and instead ignored the people that were telling them that their friends are quitting the game and going to Final Fantasy XIV because XIV "gets it" and it's "fun."

Wakfu had a somewhat "big" population again when the non-french servers merged and that didn't stop it from losing players left and right. It's not a matter of the players making the game fun (I'm not going to make this game my job) by twitch streaming, promoting etc.

Steam release and the Wakfu cartoon seasons give this game enough promotion; but people still leave the game as fast as they joined it. It's a futile effort if the focus is to increase levels 30 more levels while not addressing why people leave the game in the first place.

PS. Just look at the feedback here, everyone is basically saying they get bored grinding alone. The game itself never makes an attempt to resolve that. The optimal way to play this game is alone. When playing alone is not the optimal way, that's when things start to change for the better.

      Hi Rahe I agree that it isn't the players main job to recruit others nor should it be. I thought by Wakfu reaching out to Twitch that it was "a step" (not leap) in the right direction and the streamers make money as well so it's not all bad. I don't think anyone will blame themselves for the current state of the game, atleast I hope not.
      Now to be fair I also wouldn't compare Wakfu to the likes of Final Fantasy Online or Warcraft. I wouldn't even use those games in the same sentence with Wakfu. If I had to compare it to a game it be more realistic to use Maple Story or Dofus of course.
     I also wish Ankama had a bigger team or dream to address some of major the issues you and many others mentioned such as Cod** & Temp** in previous forum discussions. Now the Wakfu Team has been reworking heroes and adding more rifts and bonus content, which depending on your view, could be essential or non essential.
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Wakfu team insists on running Wakfu like a single player game while keeping the worst aspects of mmorps; the disease-ridden grind and legendary rng, that's the problem with Wakfu; and why many get bored alone.

They need to decide whether this game is an mmo or a single player rpg. If it's an mmo then break the barriers and the limits like making certain jobs only tanks or healers and give all the jobs all the roles or spread the roles more broadly. Iop should have the option to be a DD, Tank, and Buffer for example; where all those roles are equally strong. Jobs like Feca and Xelor should have the option to heal, etc

You know what happens then? You don't waste 5 hours trying to fill role slots.

Now. if they want the game to be an extremely restricted, specialized, and high strategic single player game then they should give us the option to purchase a 6 heroes booster and remove the heavy handed rng/grind.

The Wakfu team needs to decide change the game at its core or keep things as they are. Just the numbers on steam suggests Wakfu is barely profitable; thus why the team has to be that small. It could be profitable if they actually choose to enforce the single player rpg aspects as I stated above. Or actually remove limits in game mechanics and make it a game with more gameplay-based choices like open up the roles to more jobs. There's absolutely no reason why Iop should not be as strong a tank as Feca or Sacrier, for example. This being an mmorpg; not a single player game.

tl;dr: Wakfu should increase the game's gameplay accessibility; as seen in successful mmorpgs.

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Sees Wakfu related news/Gets random Wakfu memory from 2014 --> Gets nostalgic --> Plays the game --> Gets frustrated --> Leaves --> Repeat 

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Raheru#4132|2022-09-26 23:03:42
They need to decide whether this game is an mmo or a single player rpg. If it's an mmo then break the barriers and the limits like making certain jobs only tanks or healers and give all the jobs all the roles or spread the roles more broadly. Iop should have the option to be a DD, Tank, and Buffer for example; where all those roles are equally strong. Jobs like Feca and Xelor should have the option to heal, etc

While yes i agree that all classes should have more viable roles in a team, why should a xelor or a feca be a healer? It's basically the only thing a feca can't do and I think it's good for each class to have something they are bad at.

Also the current endgame meta is a mess imo, everything deals ridiculous damage to you even if you are tanky, so it usually just ends up with the meta of killing as many enemies as you can befre they get a turn.

And also the fact that effects that scale linearly with level (like barrier) are just very underwhelming , since the damage you take and deal at the higher levels is exponentially higher instead of linear, so generally the only good scaling stuff is generally things like % bonuses.
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