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By pokiiphone#6319 - MEMBER - August 05, 2022, 00:57:31

so, im broke asf and i need kamas to get something in the market place for a friends birthday. 

any ideas how i can make some quick cash?

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Options that dont include RL money:
Kama minter in nation banks (you'll need the Miner profession but it should allow you to get started with the simple recipe from Iron) to get you started
Quests and Achievements
If you have time and a bit of kamas already and a bit of patience then try selling dropped gear in the markets
and well just keep fighting monsters, even if you only get 5 kamas from a quick fight, it soon adds up

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Well the fastest way is to sell a conversion stone. You can buy them with cash then sell them for kamas.

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how much can you make with 1?

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JoshuaKing#3176|2022-08-05 14:18:34
how much can you make with 1?

Conversion stone price depends on what's listed, sometimes people have undercut wars but they go for 4-5m normally. 
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