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Seal of Companionship :)

By Figim#8849 - MEMBER - August 01, 2022, 02:31:26

so i have 2 of them, for reasons, but it's impossible to wear both at same time
would be nice if it was possible, pretty pleasemellow

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iirc, that extra seal comes from the first time devs increased the professions' lvl cap. An adjustment was made to the way you obtained it which allowed you to get a second ring (you had to talk to an Owl in Astrub I think). You can equip it on another character but that's very useless.

I doubt they would allow to wear 2 at the same time tbh, would be cool tho

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I got a second by an inventory bug at some point. Also, there was a time when you could wear two of them before rings got the unique state. But with the pets, tools, consumables and things like the miner hat, gathering got way more bearable than in these starting days.

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got 2nd ring due bug too biggrin
but in general, ring is reward for getting lvl100 proffs and at this point 150 is a thing so recipe to upgrade this ring or actually allowing to wear 2 would be nice

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Well generally you can't wear 2 of the same ring so no you can't wear 2 seals at the same time, but having 2 of them is not exactly hard.

If you put it in a chest, you can just talk to the NPC in the astrub mountains and he will sell you another one of them for 100000 kamas.
This allows you to have a ring on your alts if you want.

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i just want them to make mining and fishing client based and not server based. i understand the whole server balance and economy but its just not a good experience to have to fight for mining node and it gets even more irritating with the standard movement speeds for everyone ( u cant run faster to the node) 

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