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is this game still grindy?

By Theta#6161 - MEMBER - July 29, 2022, 23:24:28

i haven't been playing wakfu recently because i'm intimidated my later game grinding people have been talking about, is it really that grindy? thank you in advance ^.^

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YES it is, the lvl of the character itself not so much because doing quests can level you up on a "normal" rate if you dont want to do like 99% of players that ask on global chat for powerlvl after creating a character;... but you have to grind much MUCH more in order to level up every of the 14 professions, and to get resourses from mobs and bosses is harder than before saddly if we want to do some crafts ourselfs, you have to do the same dungeon over and over to get them even if you have accounts with 3character each thx to the new update.

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Well it only gets grindy after lvl 140, but yeah getting to lategame is more of a long term goal.

And as for the professions, I think only crazy people go leveling up all of them, even getting the Seal of companionship is grindy as peck.

The early and mid game is fine tho, I got to lvl 100 in a week or 2.

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Yes, it is. Especially when it comes to gearing up / leveling as a free to play player. Exping is heck of a lot slower without subscription, but gearing up without subscription is completely pointless. You just simply put cant get any drops other than few materials or low quality item here and there. If you want to get high quality items, need subscription or full team (most likely even with full team you dont get high quality items without subs)
To easen up exp grinding you can complete environmental quests which are very fast way to level up even as free to play.

Don't get me started even with the professions. Up to lvl 60-80 profession is quite easy and fast, but after that it really slows down. Personally I have not found any reason to spend time with professions unless you want a easy "money maker" like Mining. 

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surely less grindy than it was in the past, but it still largely is . but in my opinion the most unbearable grind is usually the lvling experience that was made better with the rifts 

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More than ever.

You'll spend 1-2H's per rift or UB Bosses to not even drop a single relic/epic which will recquire  up to 10 or more of them in case you weren't lucky   since you need some specific colours per item  , repeat for every single item on every single char , because playing mono-char is not possible unless you have someone to carry you around 24/7.
Then in around 3-5 months your work is sent down the drain since better gear arrives in the same lvl branch or yours gets nerfed. Basically you will never reach perfect optimization.

In the last patch they nerfed bosses resources to loot only 1 per char , you need 9 of these for a legendary item , which means 3 dungeon runs in order to craft 2 leg in case you are 6-boxing. You have daily quests and weekly ones which convert the dungeon grind into professions grinding.

And for the loot , unless you are spending millions on Loot Pots + Pacts(PvP risk system) + Booster ofc , you won't be getting anything most part of the time. 

Below lv100 or so , it's pretty fine.

The grind usually goes as : ->Achieve full leg/souvenirs items with perfect colours(4 slots ofc) , get epic+relics with their 4 slots too. Have all the items at lv10 Shards. Sub-scroll every item and do it twice for epic and relics with a 0,05% chance to get these last ones.
Remember to have dupes of some items such relics or epics because you can't use the same build in every place withouth loosing specialization , so you're going to need to change between epic and relic subs which is only possible by having the same item twice.

Repeat for every lvl branch you're willing to classify on .

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Before Lvl126 or Lvl155 at the latest if extremely lucky on drops, game is still casual friendly and less punishing for mix and match equipment (meaning less crafting reliant therefore lesser grind), after that its a steep decline towards farming effectiveness.

In short, if you do not see yourself turning from having fun playing to mindless working grinding in game, best not dive into it too deep and just explore to what's great about the game.

And also to note,
playing as solo is hellish just from the start so it kinda makes the booster(paid subscription) mandatory for the Heroes system(having your 2 other characters in the same account appear as teammates in battles), or you have friends to play with constantly or yourself playing multiple accounts Alt-tabbing.

So if you don't see yourself doing that, the casual level drops significantly to even before 100.
Its almost impossible to do dungeons solo unless over-geared or with very specific playstyle with good knowledge on both your class and various mechanics.

The new dungeon revamp may had helped a little but its still very fresh and not test-proven so I would be very skeptical on that as well.

The devs took pride in having made the game very grindy with the reasoning that Wakfu is and always will be a slow progression game, regardless of now that the gaming world had since evolved and paying consumers(adults) prefer much more casual friendly environment for time efficiency, eg, endless RNG with no safety/pity system is a black hole.

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It's grindy, but it's not that hard, this is turn based game and it's kinda time consuming, but if you having fun fighting creatures in such style you will be rewarded in the end with bunch of items.

You always can stick to level range you like and farm there, while maximizing your gears.

If you aim for maximum it's hard, but if you enjoy being average sometimes with more luck, sometimes with less you will be ok.

To run dungeon in s10 you need maximum of knowledge and items, but if you enjoy s3-s4, it's easy enough even without maxed everything. Depends on goals, you start at lower and slowly progress.
If you all the time compare your self with those who play this game for years already, of course you will feel bad, it's just wrong way of playing.

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