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My frustrations with the game

By SombaOmnium#1877 - MEMBER - July 20, 2022, 13:56:31
Hello, I've been playing Wakfu for months on end. Though I never really got past level 40-50, hell, some of my characters never left the starting island and just endlessly killed innocent and not-so-innocent animals for gear and money.

The reason why is that it appears that there is very little people that do early-game content, at least very little people who communicate in English language.

I've been playing with a friend by my side and we usually would go either two DD's, or one DD and one tank, it was a really fun time until we started running into what I'd call a difficulty spike. Since it appears that most bosses and their average level was meant for a team of players rather than duo, or god forbid, a solo player.

I tried decreasing the stasis in hopes that it would make the run easier, but sadly it just slightly rounds down the enemies characteristics. Never once have I experienced such strong frustration and spite. And that spite motivated me to grind the most top-notch maximum gear you could get for level 25-35 (and despite the negative tone in the text, I quite like grinding part of the game).

And only then, just barely scratching by, we fought tooth and nails for our victory.  Which is... Fine I guess, but my firend isn't always active and nowadays has lost access to his account (though that was his fault and I have no issues with the company on this part). I found myself just barely completing the dungeons, and the ankama/other low-end dungeons scattered on the nation islands are out of question.

If anyone has any tips or simply suggestions that would be nice! I haven't played for a while so some of these examples are dragged straight from my memory, I'm attempting to return but I'm afraid to face the same issues again.
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Very little early-game content completers because pretty much every player are old players. No reason to be doing early-game content.
Very little people who communicate in English is definitely an issue, it can get frustrating. That is the reason why you look for English speaking guild and there are few of them around recruiting constantly. 
This game definitely is much more fun with someone to play with, I get bored to the game very quickly by playing alone than with some one. It just is not easy with just two players.
Dungeons are quite misleading with their leveling. Even if you have enough level to enter an dungeon, you most likely cant complete it for a while yet. Same goes with enemies in groups outside dungeons, you might think you can handle a group but once youre in the fight for a while only to notice the incoming loss because the enemies were stronger than expected. Its all about live and learn experience, luckily losses have no much meaning other than pet / mount hp loss and the health regen :'D

What I would recommend doing is complete environmental quests, they are usually quickly completed and very nice experience. Those are what I do while fighting groups in an area I know to be able to do so.
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I've been saying that we need to do something with the current early game situation for years now, It is incredibly frustrating to play right now, thus most new player leave without thinking too much of it, so the few who stay have to do it mostly solo
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Well the lvl 5-50 are meant more as a sort of extended tutorial to the game's mechanics and if you just follow the main questline, you can solo most of the content up to lvl 45ish.

As for playing solo, in the main quest you get the Astrub knight sidekick for free, which is specifically designed to help new players, as it is extra strong untill lvl 50. The solo experience also varies by class, a glass canon or a support will have a much harder time playing solo then a bruiser.
I do recomend joining a guild tho, as it makes finding a party for running sungeons much easier and this game is an MMO, so having a party is expected.
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It fails miserably at being an "extended tutorial" I tell you that, my two friends left at around level 30, mind you this all happened before last update, so old dungeons, I haven't played the new ones, maybe they are a bit easier now, however, my friends thought the game was too complex and that it was not worth it 230 levels of "this". 

I imagine by "this" they meant boring battles against incredibly and unnecessarily strong enemies, we tried doing the tofu dungeon on normal difficulty with two astrub knights and one drop knight and got almost one shotted with a massive area of attack that can spam literally every turn, good luck avoiding that considering he can easily travel across the entire zone, not mentioning he's also stupidly smart on how to use it, always getting on the right angle to hit the maximum amount of targets, they were still trying to figure how to open the spells menu, how are they supposed to know how to fight against that thing?

Royal Gobball was a bit easier, though it was incredibly slow with all the resistances he has, however the thing that made them quit was the Mooogr dungeon in Amakna, a gross dungeon both visually and gameplay wise, with tough enemies and boring mechanics, after a full turn they get all the map covered in their "drops" literally, and stepping in the huge area will lower your resistances, and by the way, that effect can be stacked, so you can imagine how it all ended.
I played back in the beta and a bit more later, this game was so much fun, I really don't know what happened, I created this account to give it another try though, I really REALLY want to enjoy this game again, it has a unique spin on the classic tactics rpg battles that I found its really on point, in my opinion, not even dofus gets completely right.

Also, please, lower the level cap, 230 levels is an absolute madness, it was a huge dealbreaker when we were talking about the game, we are not teens, not much time to dedicate to gaming anymore, 230 levels just feels unachievable.
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Merriden#4912|2022-08-04 04:17:02
Bro asking the devs to lower the level cap is probably the craziest thing I've ever seen on an MMO forum and I can't even imagine how it could possibly be done.

WoW, the most famous MMO, did this.
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