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New player looking for team setup

By Norros#2248 - MEMBER - June 14, 2022, 17:54:16

Hi. I was look around for strong team setups but from the look of it information is quite outdated since balance patches are quite often and change a lot. Plus some people ask for 5 while some people ask for 6 characters setup but in the game I only can have up to two other characters in my party. How many do I need and what are up to date team setup recommendations?

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you can control a total of 3 characters per account with heroes ( Requires booster from the shop ). 
the team cap is 6, if you have 2 accounts with a booster you can fill a team yourself if you are looking at solo but most early-mid game can be handled with 3 characters.

as for what to pick, look at each class and pick what you like best... the best comp changes depending on the level zones so I don't think chasing 'meta' will be all that fun when you are so new to the game. 
Take things slow, read your spells and enjoy yourself. 

( I honestly dont have the info on the BEST team comps for each level, maybe someone can answer that if you were still curious. personally I see your account has a Sram and Osa, panda might make a good 3rd for positioning ) 

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Yeah, I was looking for 3rd member to my team but more I read more confused I become. Panda seems good, gonna try that or maybe overthink my entire setup, not sure yet. 

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Panda is incredibly useful from lvl 1 - 230. It can be built as a tank, has good support and is an awesome positioner, the best part is that it can fit on any team tbh. You should totally try one.

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